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Searching for epoxy coating companies near me in Northeast Ohio? Ohio Garage Interiors can help you install the best new flooring for your garage. As a leader in garage flooring installation, we have helped many Ohio home and business owners install high-quality garage flooring.

Our epoxy floor systems are exceptionally strong, so you can protect your garage flooring against nearly all forms of wear and tear. Most notably, your new garage flooring will look better and last much longer than other flooring options without the need for expensive maintenance and repairs.

Here at OGI, our team of expert epoxy floor installation and floor coating contractors combine countless years of experience. So, we can readily install epoxy floor coating systems with superior precision. We also utilize the best available materials along with our thorough installation methods. As a result, we can install the best new flooring for your garage.

In addition to garage flooring installation, OGI offers services for garage flooring repair and replacement as well as concrete restoration.

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High-strength garage flooring protection

The protection of your concrete flooring is our top priority, and proper protection requires epoxy coating systems with incredible strength. The average garage floor in Ohio will encounter extreme temperatures, humidity, and thaw cycles throughout the seasons. It will also have to endure high frequencies of traffic from residents, guests, cars, and other vehicles.

As a result, bare concrete begins to shrink, expand, crack, and degrade over time. Bare concrete is also naturally porous. So, it will absorb any dirt, dust, stains, road salt, oils, fuels, or other materials it comes in contact with.

When you hire OGI, however, you receive high-quality Polyaspartic coatings with incredible strength. OGI garage flooring epoxy contains Polyaspartic polyurea, so it can protect your flooring against a wide variety of potential hazards.

In fact, our flooring will protect concrete from dirt, dust, mold, mildew, flooding, impacts, abrasions, road salt, corrosive chemicals, and much more! Additionally, OGI flooring offers impermeability to water, dirt, dust, and stains. So, cleaning is much less of a chore.

Garage floor installation cost

Our prices vary depending on what type of customer is installing garage flooring. OGI’s residential customers pay $3/square foot for Polyaspartic coating installation, while our commercial customers can pay as low as $2/per square foot. Commercial installation costs depend on the size of the installation. The bigger the project, the lower the price.

Additional charges may apply for customized options.


Avoiding low-quality alternatives | Epoxy coating companies near me

Saving money is a central concern for anyone looking to install new garage flooring. Thus, many home and business owners choose products with lower pricing. However, most of these alternatives are low-quality solutions with many hidden costs. Natural stone flooring and DIY flooring kits are especially guilty of misleading customers with false claims about quality and protection.

Natural stone flooring

This type of flooring is an incredibly common option for Ohio homeowners on a strict budget. However, this flooring introduces many issues that are often ignored. Many companies also fail to tell their clients about the weaknesses of natural stone.

Natural stone flooring companies advertise their flooring as high-strength, low-maintenance, and low-cost. Some even offer prices as low as 99 cents per square foot, but this flooring costs much more than these initial prices.

In fact, natural stone requires frequent, expensive maintenance to keep in decent condition. Natural stone is also particularly vulnerable to degradation. So, you will have to spend more money on fixing issues after the installation.

Here at OGI, we install garage flooring epoxy that eliminates these issues with strong, high-quality products and precision installation methods. We also do not require our customers to pay for professional maintenance to maintain warranties like many natural stone companies. Upon completing your installation, your 20-year warranty will take effect.

DIY flooring kits

DIY is another common option for garage flooring installation. These products can be found at most home improvement stores with uniquely low prices. The lower price, however, typically means you are receiving lower-quality materials. DIY kits do provide some concrete protection, but it is not nearly as effective as Polyaspartic coatings.

When people choose DIY, they are usually looking for a way to cut out the middleman and decrease overall material costs. However, there are various issues with DIY flooring. The epoxy materials are markedly weaker than professionally installed coatings. As a result, the surface will wear more quickly, and you will need to pay for many expensive repairs.

With OGI, you can avoid costly repairs and maintenance with superior garage floor coatings. Our epoxy materials are among the strongest in the industry, so you will always receive the best possible flooring with competitive pricing.


Why choose OGI over other garage flooring options?

Cleaning is quick, safe, and easy:

OGI epoxy coatings feature an impermeable topcoat, so it can prevent dirt, dust, and stains from settling into the floor. Our flooring is also slip-resistant even when wet. As a result, cleaning is much quicker, easier, and safer.

OGI epoxy offers stronger protection and longer lifespans:

Mold, mildew, flooding, impacts, abrasions, road salts, and corrosive chemicals are no match for our high-strength proxy coatings. So, we can give you new flooring that will look better and last longer without frequent and costly maintenance.

Customers get to customize the design of their new garage flooring:

Here at OGI, we offer a versatile DecoFlake coating system with a countless number of combinations for flake colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns. Our customers get the chance to customize their coloring to their liking, so they get the best flooring for their garage.

We perform thorough, two-day installations:

Other garage flooring installation companies advertise one-day installation services as a more “convenient” option. However, these services are imprecise and expensive. So, your flooring is more likely to form defects that require costly repairs.

When you choose OGI, you receive a thorough, two-day installation for your flooring. This gives the epoxy time to cure properly and form a stronger bond with the concrete. Here at OGI, we always take the necessary time to make sure you receive the highest quality flooring.

Free inspections and quotes for garage flooring repair and installation services:

If you are interested in installing new flooring with OGI, you can schedule a free, in-home inspection and receive a free quote prior to confirming an installation. We will send one of our expert flooring contractors to inspect your garage, so we have a full understanding of the project’s scope. You can also send in photos of your flooring if you do not have time for an inspection.

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If you are looking for epoxy coating companies near me in Ohio, you can rely on OGI’s garage floor solutions. As a leader in garage flooring installation, we will use our quality materials and thorough installation techniques to ensure you receive the best flooring for your garage. We also install flooring year-round, so do not be afraid to call and schedule an inspection!