NARI Home Improvement Show | Ohio Interior Garage

The NARI Home Improvement Show is the first and only local expo to be nationally recognized and awarded the “Consumer Show of the Year” by the National Association of Consumer Shows. The NARI Home Improvement Show shares our vision of helping homeowners, like you, throughout Northeast Ohio renovate and redesign their space.  Ohio Interior Garage […]

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

  Epoxy Garage Floor Coating | Need-to-Knows When it comes to interior garage renovation, epoxy garage floor coating is the way to go.  Its durability and aesthetic appearance leave home-owners happy with their decision. If you’re considering installing a new garage floor, here’s everything you need to know about epoxy garage floor coating.   What […]

The 4 Features You Need to Have the Best Garage Cabinets

Getting the Best Garage Cabinets:  Look for These 4 Important Features For many of us, garage cabinets are simply the old kitchen cabinets we’ve repurposed. On one hand, this solution seems fine.  After all, there’s no additional cost, and it’s just the garage, right? While kitchen cabinets in the garage might help us hide some […]

4 Garage Safety Tips | Keep Your Family and Belongings Safer

How Safe is Your Garage? Follow These 4 Garage Safety Tips to Keep Your Family and Cars Safe You may not think you spend enough time in your garage to worry much about garage safety.  If you’re like most of us, though, you’re doing more than just parking your car in there.  Most likely, you’re […]

Basement Flooring: Finding the Perfect Solution

Basement Flooring Problems and a Lasting Solution  You can see it clearly in your dreams: A beautifully finished basement with space for a bar, a pool table, the kids’ toys, and an extra bed for when Aunt Marj visits.  Yet that damp, musty smell prevents you from confidently moving forward.  Finishing your basement means facing the fact that […]

Garage Renovation the Easy Way

Garage Renovation Made Easy   If you’re like many homeowners, a garage renovation is the last home improvement project to get checked off the list.  We get it.  Lawnmowers, bikes, sports gear, gardening tools—you name it, we stuff it in the garage!  How can we think about renovating the garage when just tidying it up can seem so overwhelming?  […]

Hidden Costs of Natural Stone Epoxy Flooring

The REAL Cost of $0.99 / Square Foot Natural Stone Epoxy Flooring We’ve all seen those ads for gorgeous, glossy natural stone epoxy flooring.  They promise a durable, beautiful floor for your basement or garage that is easy to maintain.  In addition, they make their floors even more tempting to homeowners by claiming they are […]


If you are considering renovating your garage area and researching the benefits of garage tile to garage epoxy flooring, then this is a great article that covers the benefits of both garage flooring types.  The full article is published on HG Expo – Garage Epoxy Flooring vs. Garage Tile: Which Is Best? When comparing garage tile […]


The garage is a totally underutilized space in many homes across the country. There are a plethora of garage designs that you might not have fathomed. Some of these designs help maximize the living space in the home while others can actually make the garage an apartment of its own. The following are just a […]


Cluttered Garage? You’re not alone. According to the Home Safety Council, 65 million US garages are in cluttered disarray. That explains why many of the 21 million preventable household injuries Americans suffer each year happen in the garage. Quick Tips to End the Clutter and Make the Garage Safer for Your Family. Get rid of junk. […]