Comparing Epoxy & Polyaspartic Garage Floor Installation Processes

Polyaspartic Garage Floor Finish Process

If you would like to have a new floor added to your garage, there are a couple of primary options available to you today. One option is a traditional epoxy floor, a choice that has been used by many home and business owners. Alternatively, you may opt for a polyaspartic floor, such as those offered by Ohio Garage Interiors.

While many consumers confuse these as being essentially the same thing, they are actually different products with different performance characteristics. Polyaspartic delivers a more durable, lasting solution for your garage floor, which is why it is the product we install for our customers. Epoxy can work fine for a while, but it will start to show signs of wear and tear sooner rather than later, and you may find yourself back in the market for another flooring solution. Going with polyaspartic from the start will save that hassle – and additional expense – and leave you with a floor that is going to serve you nicely for years.

As these are different products, they each have their own installation process. We’d like to use the space below to outline the installation process for epoxy, and then polyaspartic, so you can understand the difference for yourself. And, if you are ready to get started on a polyaspartic floor project in your garage, be sure to reach out to OGI today for assistance.

The One-Day Installation Process for an Epoxy Garage Floor

Generally speaking, the installation process for an epoxy garage floor is going to last for just a single day. That might seem like a selling point, as the work will be done quickly, but there is a trade-off for that speed that you might not want to make in the end. More on that later.

For now, the installation process is going to start by preparing the surface of the garage floor to receive an epoxy coating. Surface prep can include carefully cleaning the entire area to get rid of any dirt, oil, grease, or anything else that might get in the way of a solid bond between the concrete and the epoxy. Also, diamond grinding can be used to create some texture and give the epoxy a better chance to adhere firmly.

With the concrete surface prepped, a primer coat can be added to the floor and then the epoxy itself will be poured. The installers will spread the epoxy out as evenly as possible around the entire space using a squeegee or a roller. If any decorative flakes are going to be used in the application, those would be added at this point, as well. A topcoat can be applied to make the floor shinier and a little more durable, and it will then need to cure before vehicles and other items can be moved back into the space.

The Two-Day Installation Process for a Polyaspartic Garage Floor

The process of installing an epoxy garage floor is pretty simple, and in many ways, installing a polyaspartic garage floor will follow similar steps. Again, we’ll get started by cleaning out the garage, cleaning the floor, and using diamond grinding to get the surface ready to go. A basecoat is then applied, to which vinyl flakes will be added to provide a nice aesthetic.

It is at this point that the process is going to diverge a bit. With a polyaspartic garage floor, the installation process lasts for two days, and we pause at this point to let the basecoat cure overnight. Taking the extra time is going to lead to a far more durable, lasting product for our customers. The next day, the polyaspartic topcoat can be added, and once it is cured, the surface will be impenetrable and ready to stand up to many, many years of use and abuse.

Trust the Right Team for the Best Results

By going with polyaspartic for your garage floor, you will be making a choice that is going to serve you well in both the short- and long term. However, just picking polyaspartic over epoxy isn’t the end of the story – you also have to pick an installer.

Ohio Garage Interiors is the right choice. We specialize in exactly this type of project and have nailed down a reliable process to get great results time after time. Reach out today to learn more or set up a free consultation!