Your next garage cabinets should be from the stylish OGI Storage Systems and here’s why.

grey epoxy garage floor with garage cabinets at the back of the garage

Ohio Garage Interiors offers stylish garage cabinets with the ability to maximize the space in your garage. Our sophisticated designs can transform your garage into something out of a home improvement magazine. OGI cabinets provide you with enough space to store all your miscellaneous belongings, so you can more effectively remove clutter from your garage.

Garages are particularly common spaces for piling up clutter. Therefore, you begin to lose space for your various belongings over time. Furthermore, you lose the ability to conveniently navigate your garage when you have insufficient storage. With OGI, however, you can install garage cabinets and organization systems with ample amounts of space. As a result, you will find a place for every item in your garage.

Homeowners typically use their garages every day, so extra clutter becomes a significant problem. Store your belongings with OGI garage cabinets and reclaim your space. You can transform your garage into an extension of the home with our functional yet stylish garage cabinet systems.

In addition to garage cabinets, we offer garage flooring polyaspartic for a comprehensive upgrade of your garage.

OGI Garage Cabinets Key Features

  • Our cabinets contain thermal-fused melamine, so they can handle heavy loads and extreme temperatures.
  • Construction with superior strength and off-the-floor mounting.
  • Protection from moisture buildup and pests.
  • Full-width openings without center posts, so they can more effectively store larger items.
  • Thermofused melamine protects against stains and spills for easier maintenance.
  • Ability to withstand harsh garage environment.
  • Protection from sagging, warping and delamination.
  • Cabinet doors hide clutter to maintain a clean, sophisticated style.
  • Many cabinet sizes as well as 22 laminate colors, so you can personalize your cabinet system.
  • Quicker turnaround, so you can quickly begin using your new and improved garage.
  • Superior durability that outperforms competing garage cabinet systems.
  • High-strength, all-steel construction for improved stability.
  • Quarter-inch backed with European concealed hinges.
  • Dado Joint construction with PVC edge banding.
  • One-inch-thick, adjustable shelves with load capacity of 100 pounds.
  • Various cast or stainless steel hardware and handle options.

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Precision, In-House Development

When you choose OGI, you receive precision, in-house manufacturing for all garage cabinets. As a result, we can ensure you get the finest craftsmanship available. We also offer a variety of custom options for garages of varying sizes and shapes. Once you install OGI cabinets, you will have room for all your miscellaneous belongings. Our cabinets reach dimensions up to 48 inches wide, so you get all the space you need. Choosing OGI means you get the opportunity to reclaim your garage space and properly store your belongings.

Superior Garage Cabinets

Our garage cabinet design offers both functionality and elegant aesthetic. You also get reliable protection against pests, moisture buildup, sagging, warping, delamination and more! We manufacture our cabinets with thermally fused laminates and high-strength hardware. As a result, our cabinets are ideal for year-round weather protection.

In addition to high-quality design and manufacturing, OGI customers can choose from a wide variety of color and styles. You can personalize your garage cabinet system to suit your unique tastes, so you get the most for your money. Furthermore, we have full control over dimensions, which allows us to create cabinet systems for virtually any garage space. Choose OGI for superior garage cabinets and reliable installation service.

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