Find out how taking just one extra day for installation can give you superior, longer-lasting results.

The benefits of polyaspartic garage flooring are many. From offering protection for your concrete floors to providing a great feel under your feet and much more, there are countless reasons to move ahead with this type of project.

One benefit that is sometimes promoted by retailers and installers is the fact that a polyaspartic or epoxy coating system can be installed in a single day. While this is true, we don’t think it’s the best option to get lasting, durable results out of the project. Instead, we believe that a two-day installation process is the right approach, and that is what we offer to our customers. In the big picture, taking just one extra day to get an outstanding finished product is more than worth it in the end.

A Quick Process Overview

  1. You will need to have the garage cleared out before our team arrives.
  2. Work begins by preparing the concrete floor and grinding the surface.
  3. High-quality epoxy primer is poured out, spread with a squeegee, and rolled even.
  4. Decorative flakes are spread over the surface while the coatings are still wet.
  5. At this point, the floor is left to cure overnight.
  6. The next day, loose flakes are scraped, broomed and vacuumed.
  7. A polyaspartic finish coat is applied over the flakes and grit is applied for texture.
  8. After a day or two of letting the floor fully cure, it’s ready to use!

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