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If you want to repair your garage flooring and give it a beautiful new look, don’t settle for shoddy craftsmanship and low-quality materials. You deserve a visually stunning polyaspartic garage flooring that will last for years after installation.

Here at Ohio Garage Interiors, we use only the finest materials in combination with thorough installation techniques. We maintain attention to detail for every  project, so we can deliver the best garage flooring solutions on the market.

Applying polyaspartic coatings to concrete garage flooring is an investment in your space, but with our process, we can give you a new garage floor in no time. In fact, our installation process is proven to successfully create high-strength flooring within just a few days.

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The Process of Installing Polyaspartic Garage Flooring

Clearing the Space & Cleaning the Floor

First and foremost, we cannot begin the installation process if the garage is dirty and cluttered. So, we ask our customers to first clean the floor and clear out any belongings and miscellaneous objects prior to their appointment. However, our staff is always willing to lend a helping hand if necessary.

This step is in the process is critical because applying polyaspartic without removing dust, dirt, and debris can result in bumpy, uneven flooring that may not seal properly. A clean floor ensures our polyaspartic materials can evenly coat the floor and bond to the concrete.

Diamond Grinding & Repairs

Now that the space is clean and clear, we can grind the floor with a mechanical grinding machine. Our grinding machine is designed with diamond tooling. This allows it to open up the pores in the concrete. As a result, our basecoat can soak into the concrete and develop the strongest possible bond with the substrate.

The process involves methodically traveling over the concrete with the grinding machine in both directions. Then, we will repair any existing damages or defects in the floor and grind it once more to create a smooth finish. Once we correct the defects and smooth out the floor, we can start applying the basecoat.

Basecoat Application with Vinyl Flakes

To apply the basecoat, we need to flood the floor with a high-grade polyaspartic with a squeegee. Then, we can back roll it with an eighteen-inch roller to make the basecoat level throughout. When we finish smoothing out the basecoat, we broadcast vinyl flakes across the floor, giving the floor a granite-textured aesthetic.

Another advantage of vinyl flakes is customizability. We encourage our customers to get creative with their new flooring and pick out a design that best fits their home. Our DecoFlake system offers a full range of flake colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns, so you can find a sleek, stylish look for your new floor.

Once the vinyl flakes are thoroughly and evenly spread, we let the basecoat sit overnight. This is a crucial part of the installation process, as it allows the basecoat ample time to cure and bond with the substrate. This gives us the foundation we need to apply our polyaspartic topcoat.

An Impenetrable Topcoat For Durable Garage Flooring

Our topcoat is what the industry calls a “polyaspartic polyurea.” This is one of the strongest coating materials on the market, offering protection from most forms of wear and tear. Whether road salt, corrosive chemicals or even industrial-grade impacts, our polyaspartic topcoat will maintain a glossy finish and protect the underlying concrete.

Polyaspartic garage flooring also offers complete impermeability, so dirt, dust, water, and stains cannot penetrate the surface. Most importantly, this prevents issues like mold, mildew, flooding, humidity, and thaw cycles, which cause cracking, pitting, spalling, and many other issues. As a result, our polyaspartic has minimal maintenance requirements and eliminates the need for expensive repairs.

Before we back roll this material across the floor, we scatter a material called aluminum oxide. This gives the surface a gritty texture that prevents slipping when cleaning or during the winter months. The polyaspartic will also remain clear for much longer in contrast to other materials that will develop an amber color over time.

Once we finish applying and back rolling the topcoat, you can walk on it within 24 hours and drive vehicles over it within 36. So, you can get back to using your garage and looking forward to your next home improvement project.

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