How To Convert Garage Into Game Room

OGI Is The First Step For How To Convert Garage Into Game Room

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, one thing everyone has gotten better at is entertaining themselves and their family members at home. With the housing market becoming more difficult for homeowners, many people are looking at reimagining their current space versus moving to a new location. If you wanted to move to a home that had space for a game room, you might want to consider your garage as a possible location for this idea instead.

But Old Garage Flooring is Ugly and Dirty!

If you are having a hard time picturing your garage as a living space for the family, one of the first obstacles is probably the floor. Many garage floor contractors do not tend to install floors with a cozy living space in mind. If you have a concrete garage floor, it probably is dirty, spotted with oil stains, and maybe even cracked in some places. Don’t let the status of your current garage floor deter you from creating your family’s dream game room. Here are some steps that will help you on your transformation journey.

Clear Out the Garage and Look at the Space

First things first. There are some important considerations before moving full throttle into a garage transformation. Take everything out of your garage. Is the space big enough to accomplish what you are envisioning? Once you answer that question, there are two other important questions. Where is all of the “stuff” going to go that you just pulled out of your garage, and, perhaps more importantly, where are you going to park your vehicles? If you have lived through even one Ohio winter, you know the value of having your car or truck in a covered garage. Can you risk losing that cozy car cover?

What Appliances Do You Want in Your Game Room?

There are family game rooms and then there are family GAME ROOMS. What are you planning for this dream space? If you are thinking about a small fridge, lots of lamps for lighting, a television with a gaming system, or a pinball machine, you are going to need ample electrical power in your garage. If you are going to need more outlets or a new HVAC system so you don’t freeze in the winter, you want to consider these things well before moving in new furniture and setting up the look of the space. Some municipalities also require that a living space have at least one window, so walls may need to be reworked for this game room idea as well.

Garage Floor Refinishing When Converting Garage To Game Room

how to convert garage into game roomOnce your walls are painted and you have a plan for how the space is going to work, it is time to get rid of that old garage floor. There are many ways to convert a garage floor into something that will work better for a living space. You might even be thinking that the flooring is something you can DIY, but we highly suggest professional garage floor epoxy installation. Not just because that is our business, but also because floor installation is much harder and more expensive than you might think initially.

When you hire us as your garage floor epoxy installers, the first thing we do is come to look at your space. We want to make sure we understand the state of the current floor, how much prep work will be required, and possible obstacles that could elongate the project. We are as transparent in our quoting process as we can possibly be. While some epoxy floor companies near me may quote lower prices per square foot, they often add a lot of surprise price increases over the duration of the installation. Once we quote a price, we stick to it.

Our floors are long-lasting and durable, but that does not mean they are boring in appearance. We offer a wide variety of beautiful polyaspartic epoxy flake blends that can complement the style you are striving for in your new game room. You can opt for one of our classic blends or you can add a more sophisticated and upscale look with our unique marble decorative flakes.

If you are a parent, probably the best news about our polyaspartic epoxy garage floor coatings is they are extremely easy to clean. No matter how many beverages or snacks are spilled, all you need is a broom, a mop, and a bucket. Your game room floor will look as good as new for twenty years or more. We guarantee it.

Move-in Time

Once the flooring is done it is time to move everything into the game room. You might consider updating the door that separates your garage from your home so that it is more inviting, and you might even want to update the external garage door so that it no longer looks so much like a garage. Your new flooring will truly add a sense of coziness and finish to your former garage, and your family will be able to spend many comfortable hours gaming away.

Versatility of Garage Floors Near Me

If you do decide to move out of your house, your game room can easily revert back to a garage thanks to your friendly OGI garage epoxy floor installers. Our flooring is so durable it can easily switch between living space usage and traditional garage usage. You will not need to invest money in pulling out carpeting or other flooring to make your garage a garage once more. This will make your house more versatile as well, and that will make it easier to sell.

Contact us today to talk about your future game room. We are excited to help you make your dreams come true!

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