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A garage can be more than just a storage space. In fact, a new garage floor can be the perfect way to tie together a home bar, bike storage space, or family entertainment area. You may have considered a DIY epoxy garage floor coating installation in the past. You may have seen videos on social media of striking and colorful DIY epoxy projects, but garage flooring companies near me can give you much more value.

garage flooring companies near me result exampleA professional epoxy coating installation, from epoxy floor installers near me, will cost more than a DIY installation upfront. However, the investment does help homeowners to save on both repair and maintenance costs for the long term. With a 20-year warranty, your floor will continue to look beautiful year after year.

Add something extra to your space to turn a basic storage area into a showroom and invest in an epoxy floor coating. You receive both luxury and functionality when you choose professional epoxy floor installation. Revamping the space can also add value to your home. See below to learn about some of the most common mistakes homeowners make when taking on a DIY epoxy garage floor installation. And, why they choose to hire professional garage flooring companies near me, when looking for epoxy floor installers near me.

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Why You Should Avoid DIY

DIY is a common option for garage flooring installation. These products can be found at most home improvement stores with uniquely low prices. The lower price, however, typically means you are receiving lower-quality materials. DIY kits do provide some concrete protection, but it is not nearly as effective as Polyaspartic coatings.

When people choose DIY, they are usually looking for a way to cut out the middleman and decrease overall material costs. However, there are various issues with DIY flooring. The epoxy materials are markedly weaker than professionally installed coatings. As a result, the surface will wear more quickly, and you will need to pay for many expensive repairs.

When some homeowners start a DIY installation, they will accidentally let moisture accumulate in the garage floor coating. This often happens when the floor does not have a full day to dry and leaves room for both mold and mildew to accumulate. This mistake can present serious health risks, especially to families dealing with allergies or asthma.

A peeled, cracked garage floor | Epoxy floor installers near meIn addition, homeowners can often apply an epoxy coating at an incorrect temperature. Applying epoxy at too low of a temperature can allow for incomplete curing. However, applying epoxy at high levels of humidity can leave room for discoloration, delamination, and peeling.

With OGI, you can avoid costly repairs and maintenance with superior garage floor coatings. Our epoxy materials are among the strongest in the industry, so you will always receive the best possible flooring with competitive pricing.

Why Choose OGI Over Other Garage Flooring Companies Near Me?

Cleaning is quick, safe, and easy:

OGI epoxy coatings feature an impermeable topcoat, so it can prevent dirt, dust, and stains from settling into the floor. Our flooring is also slip-resistant even when wet. As a result, cleaning is much quicker, easier, and safer.

OGI epoxy offers stronger protection and longer lifespans:

Mold, mildew, flooding, impacts, abrasions, road salts, and corrosive chemicals are no match for our high-strength polyaspartic epoxy coatings. So, we can give you new flooring that will look better and last longer without frequent and costly maintenance.

Endless customization possibilities:

The Ohio Garage Interiors installation team offers a nearly endless range of color and pattern options from which to choose to customize truly unique spaces. Make your space one of a kind with an extensive selection of solid color options and DecoFlake patterns.

Whether you want a striking color combination that will pay tribute to your favorite sports team or just to complement your new cabinets, the team from Ohio Garage Interiors can help you determine the ideal design.

We perform thorough, two-day installations:

Other garage flooring installation companies advertise one-day installation services as a more “convenient” option. However, these services are imprecise and expensive. So, your flooring is more likely to form defects that require costly repairs.

When you choose OGI, you receive a thorough, two-day installation for your flooring. This gives the epoxy time to cure properly and form a stronger bond with the concrete. Here at OGI, we always take the necessary time to make sure you receive the highest quality flooring.

Free inspections and quotes for garage flooring near me repair and installation services:

If you are interested in installing new flooring with OGI, you can schedule a free, in-home inspection and receive a free quote prior to confirming an installation. We will send one of our expert flooring contractors to inspect your garage, so we have a full understanding of the project’s scope. You can also send in photos of your flooring if you do not have time for an inspection.

About Ohio Garage Interiors | Excellence in Garage Flooring Near Me

Ohio Garage Interiors has been a leading resource for homeowners across the Northeast Ohio community. The installation professionals from Ohio Garage Interiors have transformed spaces all over the Cleveland, Akron, and Lake Erie Islands communities. Overall, homeowners looking for garage flooring near me count on Ohio Garage Interiors for top-quality materials, premier customization, and thorough floor coating installation. 

Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating From Epoxy floor installers near meOhio’s weather is beyond unpredictable. For this reason, the Ohio Garage Interiors team provides flooring installations that stand up to both the highs and the lows. Ohio Garage Interiors customers benefit from durable and functional surfaces without sacrificing aesthetics. No matter your vision for your garage space, you can feel confident in choosing one of the best garage flooring companies near me, in the Ohio Garage Interiors team.

Among garage flooring installers near me, in the Northeast Ohio area, Ohio Garage Interiors sets itself apart by maintaining the most experienced staff possible. In fact, Ohio Garage Interiors meets this commitment by not using subcontractors. The Ohio Garage Interiors team also commits to the quality of the finished product. Reach out to the team today to learn about an exclusive twenty-year warranty against both peeling and delamination.

The Ohio Garage Interiors installation team can customize the right installation for any garage space. If you have been searching for garage flooring companies near me, then reach out to the Ohio Garage Interiors team today to learn more on how to get the best epoxy garage floor near me.

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