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When It’s Time to Change, Where Do You Put the Tires?  Every spring and fall, many DIYers perform the same ritual: the changing of the tires.  And when you change your tires, you have to have tire storage for the old ones. For those of us who use the service offered by the garage, storage isn’t […]

Garage Enhancement Trends in Ohio is locked Garage Enhancement Trends in Ohio

Garage floor coating and garage cabinets in Ohio have become one of the most popular home improvement services of the last ten years.  Homeowners have begun to regard their garages as an integral part of their homes.  Much more than just a place to part their cars, garages are a place to store, organize and […]

The Ohio Garage Interiors Story

The father and son team, Scott Gleske and Chad Gleske started in the garage enhancement business in 2006 as a Premier Garage franchisee.  After several successful years as a Premier Garage franchisee in the Cleveland market handling an area that covered most of Northern Ohio, Scott and Chad decided they no longer wanted to be […]

Create the Garage of your Dreams

Taking the time to start a garage enhancement project starts with getting organized.  It might seem like a daunting task to clean out that messy garage but in the end it can be a very gratifying experience. With some time and patience you can turn a cluttered, unused space into the garage of your dreams. […]

Quality and Benefits of Ohio Garage Interiors

Floor Coatings Will not peel, even under hot tires Slip resistant when wet Non-porous. Will not stain or allow salt water to penetrate and deteriorate your concrete Easy to clean. Spray with garden hose, mop or sweep No tracking of concrete dust into home No annual specialized cleaning or re-sealing necessary Rated for commercial use […]

Garage Storage and Today’s Economy

What do garage storage and the current state of today’s economy have in common? They both appear to be completely different topics and for the most part they are. However the state of today’s economy has had a huge influence on homeowners as well as on the businesses that provide products and services including garage […]

Benefits of a Quality Garage Floor Coating

There are a myriad of benefits that come from coating your garage floor concrete with a quality coating. Some of these reasons are obvious, but some might surprise you. There are a wide variety of garage floor coatings available that range from store bought self-applications to professional systems that require substantial training to install. Ohio […]

Make your Garage an Extension of your Home

In a time not too long ago, garages were all the same with boring gray concrete floors that were splatter with dirt and grime. Today, much of that has changed. Garages have morphed into an extended living space and even enhance the design of a home. Garages have graduated from simple storage areas to become […]

Open Shelves vs. Closed Storage Cabinets

When renovating their garages, many people immediately opt for open shelves. Sure, they come in many shapes and materials, but shelves have a number of major limitations: their contents are on display for all to see, they offer relatively little storage space because of their limited depth and most of them will eventually bend or […]

Bikes! Bikes! Bikes! What Are My Bike Storage Options?

We don’t know how many times we get this question as a garage enhancement company… “Where do we put the bikes??” Although this is a common question, it is not always an easy one to answer. Unfortunately fitting bikes in an average 2 Car Garage is tough especially if you want to fit those 2 […]