Where Can Polyaspartic Coatings Be Installed?

April 19, 2024|Categories: OhioGarage Interiors|

Home and business owners have a wide range of options when it comes to flooring, but not always enough options that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. For anyone seeking a flooring solution that combines durability with versatility, polyaspartic coatings are a superior choice. [...]

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Garage Floor

April 15, 2024|Categories: OhioGarage Interiors|

The trend of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects has swept across various aspects of home improvement, with epoxy garage floors climbing the ranks as one of the more popular ventures. At first glance, applying an epoxy coating to your garage floor by yourself might seem like an [...]

How To Clean Your Garage Floor After Winter

March 6, 2024|Categories: OhioGarage Interiors|

Garage floors endure significant wear and tear that is particularly noticeable in regions like the Midwest where seasonal challenges prevail. Fallen leaves find their way into the garage and gunk up the floor, while road salt tracked in during the winter eats away at the [...]

How To Winterize Your Garage

January 18, 2024|Categories: Garage Renovation, OhioGarage Interiors|

Winter can be harsh on the entire home, from your roof and water pipes to your concrete driveway and garage floor. With plummeting temperatures, snow and ice, your garage takes a beating during the winter months. However, with proactive care, you can minimize potential damage [...]

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