Garage Flooring Color Options

If you are remodeling your garage, you don’t want flooring that looks plain and uninteresting. You want something that speaks to your sense of style. Here at Ohio Garage Interiors, we offer a wide selection of garage flooring color options, so you can choose a flooring that best suits your garage. Our garage flooring color options include many solid colors as well as our stunning decorative flake systems. Choose from a variety of flake sizes, shapes, colors and patterns to personalize a unique and stylish garage floor. In addition to our garage flooring color options, you receive superior garage flooring materials with unrivaled strength and functionality.

Ohio Garage Interiors has assisted numerous homeowners in Northeast Ohio with garage remodeling and interior design. We offer a variety of services including garage flooring polyaspartic epoxy installation, garage cabinetry, organization systems, concrete restoration, and more! Furthermore, we use only the finest materials and methods for all our garage remodeling services. As a result, you receive precision garage remodeling services with competitive prices that fit within your budget.

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Why Hire Ohio Garage Interiors?

Remodeling your garage is a serious investment, so it is crucial to acquire the information you need prior to making a final decision. We design our services to give each client the most value for their dollar. Thus, we employ only the finest high-performance flooring products to ensure optimal functionality. Furthermore, our cabinetry, organization and concrete restoration services form a comprehensive set of garage remodeling services. OGI is your number-one resource for all your remodeling projects.

However, in your research for garage flooring color options and services, you have likely found many DIY options. Thus, you may be wondering why you even need to hire a garage flooring contractor. Why should you spend money on a remodeling company when you could install the flooring on your own?

The Hidden Costs of DIY

Although DIY flooring seems like reliable method for garage flooring installation, it comes with many caveats. Many people are turning to DIY to cut out the middleman and save some money. However, DIY typically costs more money in the long run than professional installation. DIY projects tend to use weaker epoxy products, so the flooring peels and delaminates quickly and more often. As a result, you end up losing excess amounts of time and money to repairs and maintenance.

Alternatively, hiring a professional contractor like OGI immediately improves the value of your project. We offer unmatched experience with flooring materials and installation methods, so we can ensure you receive the ideal flooring for your garage. Our garage flooring polyaspartic epoxy has the durability to withstand extreme conditions such as high-traffic industrial facilities. As a result, your garage flooring has the ultimate defense against various potential hazards, and you save money on maintenance you would perform with DIY flooring.

Advantages from OGI | Garage Flooring Color Options

  • Personalize Your Flooring: Select from our many solid color options or customize a decorative flake flooring system with our various size, shape, color, and pattern options. We can also make custom colors upon request.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Our polyaspartic epoxy is impermeable and non-slip, so dirt and stains cannot settle into the flooring. Messes are no longer a hassle with OGI flooring. You can clean any spills with quick mopping or vacuuming without worrying about slippage.
  • High-Performance Materials: Ohio introduces many hazards to garage flooring, so we have designed our flooring to protect against road salt, hot tire pickup, moisture buildup, mold, mildew, flooding and more!
  • Free Quotes: Contact us to set up an on-site inspection and receive a free quote prior to service.
  • Locally Owned and Operated: We never use subcontractors to complete our projects. As a locally owned and operated company, we want our customers to receive superior service from genuine OGI contractors. We always complete projects internally, so you receive the best craftsmanship and customer service.
  • Ten-Year Warranty Against Peeling and Delamination!

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Basement and Commercial Flooring Services

Did you know OGI offers more than just garage flooring installation? In addition to our garage remodeling services, we offer both basement flooring and commercial flooring. Our flooring epoxy is perfect for basement environments, protecting against moisture buildup, mold, mildew, and flooding. Our polyaspartic epoxy can also withstand intense conditions from industrial facilities. Choosing OGI means you receive both style and durability as well as precision installation.

For commercial flooring applications, we utilize the best materials in the industry. We have partnered with Sikafloor® to provide our commercial clients with the strength their flooring needs to handle high-traffic conditions. Sika coatings are a solid color system with the ability to resist intense pressure. Our commercial flooring can easily protect against industrial equipment, chemicals, abrasions, impacts, and more! The combination of Sika coatings and OGI installation methods make our flooring the best option for virtually any commercial application.

If you are looking for flooring installation services for your garage, basement, or for a commercial facility, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today!