Advantages Of Basement Floor Polyaspartic Epoxy from Ohio Garage Interiors

Advantages Of Epoxy Basement Floor with Polyaspartic Top Coat

Basement Floor Polyaspartic Epoxy Features / Installation Process / 20 Year Guarantee

Ohio Garage Interiors are one of top basement floor contractors who provides epoxy floor coating near me that is both durable and beautiful. The level of quality is a hallmark of our work. With a stain resistant, and easy to clean surface, our floors were built to last. Not to mention there are dozens of colors to choose from! 

OGI epoxy flooring near me comes with a UV-stabilized coating to keep it looking fresh and new. If your concrete flooring is having issues with corrosion and other forms of damage, it’s time to look for an epoxy floor coating near me, so contact us today!

floor from polyaspartic basement floor contractorsWe want every homeowner to know the advantages of epoxy basement floor with polyaspartic top coat. Your home is the largest investment you will ever acquire. Basement environments are prone to damp, humid, and wet conditions. Prevent moisture build-up and mold or mildew growth with OGI’s basement floor polyaspartic epoxy coatings near me! Protect, maintain, and preserve your home investment with OGI’s polyaspartic epoxy basement floor. Ohio Garage Interiors employ’s a high-end hybrid polymer finish with an epoxy component additive made right here in Ohio. Our polyaspartic epoxy is four times stronger than the standard epoxy than a DIY epoxy. This non-porous coating seamlessly seals to the surface. As a result, producing moisture and flood-resistant surface. 

Exposed Concrete

Over time exposed concrete will deteriorate due to high traffic, weather, and thermal expansion and contraction. With a polyaspartic epoxy floor near me, you can permanently cease this deterioration in its tracks. With the application of our epoxy basement floor with polyaspartic top coat, you no longer need to worry about stains, moisture, and cracks. OGI’s high-end hybrid polymer is four times stronger than the competitor’s epoxy flooring options. Our formulated coating system is designed with strength and durability and to bond to concrete floors permanently. Additionally, our coating system offers slip resistance when wet and does not require any annual maintenance or re-sealing.

 Additional features include:

  • UV Resistant
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-Toxic
  • Zero VOC’s
  • Non-Porous
  • Stain-Resistant

We have a myriad of flake colors, patterns, and size combinations for customers to select from. With experienced designers to customize your basement to be a functional addition fit to the style of your home. Call to schedule an on-site consultation today. 

Beautiful And Long-Lasting 

an epoxy basement floor being installed from basement floor contractorsThe look and feel of our polyaspartic epoxy flooring near me will turn your drab, damp, boring, and dark basement into a foot-friendly, clean, bright and welcoming feeling. Therefore, creating an area that will have your family, friends, and neighbors gravitating towards. Gone are the days of the previous eyesore and embarrassment. Getting started is simple, we value honesty in customer service, so our customers always know exactly what they are paying.

A member of our design team will give you a free on-site quote before starting your project. Our services offer both efficacy and affordability, so you can upgrade your basement within your budget. Furthermore, we provide unmatched quality in our products and customer service. Then firstly,  you choose from our DekoFlake, Metallic Epoxy with Polyaspartic Top Coat, Organic MicaFlake, and Solid flooring options. Secondly, choose your color combination from a vast selection of choices. After you have selected your colors the rest is up to our highly-trained flooring professionals.

Installation Process From Basement Floor Contractors

epoxy basement floor being installed from basement floor contractorsOhio Garage Interiors is a locally owned and operated company.  We are committed to our employees and do not use outside subcontractors. Therefore, our customers always know who is coming into their homes. Additionally, we strictly enforce a two-day step-by-step installation process. Our professionals do not cut any corners and always implement the necessary amount of time for acclimation and cure, ensuring the toughest bond. All the while respecting your home and properly cleaning our work area as we go. 

Easy To Clean 

Uncoated concrete is impractical to clean. With endless amounts of dirt, dust collecting on the concrete surface, which sooner or later unintentionally gets tracked throughout other areas of your home. Our basement flooring polyaspartic epoxy seals to its base, leaving a non-permeable surface. Therefore, preventing any penetration of dirt, grime, and spills and stains. With minimal effort needed to clean and maintain. Simply run a dry dusting mop over the surface to remove everyday dust and debris. And when a more in-depth clean is needed, use one of our recommended formulas and a mop.

Polyaspartic Epoxy Basement Floor With A 20 Year Guarantee! 

The Ohio Garage Interiors concrete polyaspartic epoxy system will outlast and outshine other lower-quality systems that stain or peel. Our floor epoxy systems are stain-resistant, high quality, and an easy-to-maintain surface with an attractive, contemporary finish. The high gloss shine of our coatings come in dozens of colors. Featuring a UV stable coating, our concrete epoxy system will look new for years to come. Additionally, we are so confident of our basement floor epoxy that we back it up with a twenty-year guarantee against peeling or delaminating ensuring you get the most out of your flooring. If your concrete flooring is having issues with corrosion and other forms of damage, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today!

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