Basement Floor Polyaspartic Epoxy Services

Polyaspartic Basement Floor Epoxy Services by Ohio Garage Interiors

Ohio Garage Interiors is your best resource for basement floor polyaspartic epoxy installation. We design our flooring to offer reliable protection and optimal functionality in Ohio basements. Furthermore, our basement floor polyaspartic epoxy materials are capable of withstanding extreme pressures from industrial environments.

Basements are typically positioned below ground level, consisting of concrete slabs. The standard concrete basement is vulnerable to the build up or moisture due to its porous surface. During Ohio’s warmer months, humidity becomes a significant hazard for concrete basement flooring. The heavy, humid air will sink to your basement and form condensation on the cold concrete flooring.

Your basement flooring may look dry at first glance. However, moisture, mold and mildew can quietly buildup under the surface. As a result, concrete flooring may begin to deteriorate over time without proper protection. Furthermore, these issues are particularly common in Ohio. Thus, it is even more important to protect your basement flooring. With Ohio Garage Interiors, you can install basement floor epoxy with polyaspartic top coat that is both durable and stylish, so you do not have to worry about mold, mildew, flooding and other potential hazards.

Advantages of OGI’s Basement Floor Polyaspartic Epoxy Services

  • Polyaspartic Epoxy Floors have Easier Maintenance: Our basement floor polyaspartic epoxy has a non-slip, impermeable surface, so cleaning is quick and easy. Dirt and stains can’t break through the flooring’s surface. You can clean up any messes with a simple mopping or vacuuming without worrying about slipping.
  • Flooring with Superior Strength: We design our flooring to protect against moisture buildup, mold, mildew, flooding, and many other potential hazards. Our flooring materials can withstand pressure from industrial machinery, so protecting your basement is a breeze.
  • Customization: We offer a variety of solid color flooring finishes as well as a decorative flake flooring system for fully personalized flooring.
  • Free Quotes: Setup an in-home inspection prior to service and receive a free quote.
  • Precision Installation: Other flooring contractors will rush to finish installation in a single day. This leads to many flooring issues down the road. Here at OGI, however, we perform a two-day installation. This allows the materials to properly adjust to your home, so your flooring will not form unsightly defects.
  • Locally Owned and Operated: We take pride in being a locally owned and operated Northeast Ohio flooring company. Therefore, we refuse to bring in subcontractors to finish projects. We want our customers to receive the highest quality craftsmanship and customer service, so we only send genuine OGI contractors to install your flooring.
  • Ten-Year Warranty Against Peeling and Delamination!

Say No to Stone and Epoxy Flooring and Yes to Basement Floor Polyaspartic Epoxy Services

When installing new flooring in your home, you should avoid stone and epoxy flooring. Stone and Epoxy flooring is one of the least reliable flooring materials available. Advertisements for stone and epoxy flooring make many inaccurate claims, claiming superior durability and minimal maintenance requirements. They also boast about low flooring prices as low as 99 cents per square foot. However, these claims are often inflated and completely false.

These potential savings are incredibly enticing for any homeowner, but stone and epoxy flooring costs much more than the ads claim. Here are just a few of the hidden costs associated with stone and epoxy flooring:

  • Preparation and installation add significant costs to the initial square footage.
  • The porous texture of stone and epoxy results in increased maintenance costs.
  • Many flooring contractors threaten customers with loss of warranty if they do not pay for expensive annual professional cleaning.
  • Mold and mildew buildup are particularly common with stone and epoxy flooring, further increasing maintenance needs.
  • Ohio’s inclement weather is harsh on stone and epoxy, raising the frequency of maintenance.
  • Cleaning is difficult and time-consuming.

Here at OGI, however, we offer superior basement floor polyaspartic epoxy materials to increase the value of your investment. As a result, you receive flooring that looks better and lasts longer than stone and epoxy flooring.

The Hidden Costs of DIY Basement Floor Epoxies

During your searching for basement floor polyaspartic epoxy services, you have probably stumbled upon a multitude of DIY options and tutorials. With the variety of DIY options, you might be reconsidering hiring a flooring contractor. Why spend money hiring a professional flooring company when you can install your own flooring?

DIY flooring may seem like an effective way to save money on your basement flooring, but it has many hidden costs. People tend to turn to DIY to save money by cutting out the middleman. However, DIY costs more money than expert installation services in the long run. Most DIY projects employ weaker epoxy materials, so your flooring will peel and delaminate quickly and frequently. As a result, you spend more money on repairs than you would on professional installation.

Hiring a proven flooring contractor like Ohio Garage Interiors is the most effective way to increase the value of your remodeling project. With our immense experience with flooring materials and installation, we can reliably install the ideal flooring for you and your basement. OGI basement floor epoxy with polyaspartic top coat has the strength to perform in intense environments like industrial and commercial facilities. As a result, your basement flooring has a reliable defense against many potential forms of wear and tear, saving you money on the repairs you would encounter with DIY.

Additional Flooring Services

Garage and Commercial Flooring Services

We offer both garage and commercial flooring installation services in addition to our basement floor polyaspartic epoxy installation. Our polyaspartic epoxy is ideal for Ohio garages, protecting against road salt corrosion, hot tire pickup and Ohio weather with ease. OGI polyaspartic epoxy is an immediate upgrade for any garage.

epoxy flooring from epoxy basement floor companies

OGI is also a leading provider of floor installation services for commercial facilities. We want to use only the best materials in the industry for our commercial flooring. Thus, we combine our installation methods with quality laminates from Sikafloor® to provide superior strength. This solid color flooring system can easily withstand the extreme pressures of commercial and industrial environments. Sika coatings can protect against anything from industrial equipment to corrosive chemicals, so they are the perfect option for commercial flooring in various industries.

If you are looking for garage, commercial, or basement floor polyaspartic epoxy installation, from one of the top epoxy basement floor companies in Northeast Ohio, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today!

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