Polyaspartic Epoxy Basement Floor Colors

Polyaspartic Epoxy Basement Floor Colors

Basement Floor Epoxy installed by Ohio Garage Interiors

Are you ready to upgrade your current basement floor with one of OGI’s polyaspartic epoxy basement floor colors? A polyaspartic epoxy basement floor will defend the concrete underneath from stains, dirt, moisture buildup, cracks and more! We also design our polyaspartic epoxy taking Ohio’s weather shifts into consideration. Ohio winters are frigid, while summers are hot and humid, so we have developed a basement floor polyaspartic epoxy that effectively adjusts to the climate. Furthermore, our polyaspartic epoxy offers four times more strength and protection than standard epoxy. Standard epoxy is prone to peeling and delamination, especially in the Ohio climate, so you save money on maintenance with a superior product from OGI.

OGI basement floor epoxy with polyaspartic top coat provides superior protection by permanently bonding to the concrete. This polyaspartic epoxy also becomes completely impermeable and non-porous upon installation. As a result, no dirt, debris, stains or moisture can penetrate the surface of your flooring. Furthermore, this impermeable, slip-resistant flooring makes cleaning a breeze. A quick vacuuming or mopping will suffice.

In addition, OGI offers a twenty-year warranty after installation of your polyaspartic epoxy flooring, so you get the most for your money.

Get the polyaspartic basement floor coating solution that will last.

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Why Choose Ohio Garage Interiors?

We have a team of expert designers to give your basement flooring the upgrade it needs. Here at OGI, we offer affordability, craftsmanship, and efficacy, so you can perform remodeling projects within your budget. We also offer the best in both product and customer service quality. With basement floor polyaspartic epoxy from OGI, your flooring receives a massive upgrade to functionality, durability and visual appeal.

Advantages of OGI Garage Epoxy Floor with Polyaspartic Top Coat

  • Easy Cleaning: Our polyaspartic epoxy is slip-resistant and non-porous, making cleaning safe, simple, and easy. Dirt and stains will not reach the concrete beneath the polyaspartic epoxy, so I simple mopping or vacuuming will do the trick.
  • Weather Resistance: Defense against Ohio weather is paramount for polyaspartic epoxy flooring. Therefore, we design our basement floor polyaspartic epoxy to protect against all environmental wear. With unmatched protection, your flooring will last for up to 15 years after installation.
  • Free Quotes: We want our customers to know what they are paying before beginning their project, so we will always send one of our staff members to your home to give you a quote free of charge.
  • A Locally Owned and Operated Company:
  • OGI is a leading, locally owned and operated garage remodeling company, so you never have to worry about subcontractors coming to your home. We complete all projects internally, ensuring our customers always get the best customer service and craftsmanship.

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