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Are you starting to notice that your garage floor is becoming uneven? If this is the case, your concrete floor might be getting pushed up by soil that is expanding under it. As a result, the heaved concrete slab will begin to rise in the middle and eventually appear significantly higher than the edges of the floor. This will also result in various cracks appearing in the concrete.

A cracked and heaved concrete floor can be extremely difficult to repair. Furthermore, repairing it without the utmost accuracy will only result in a recurrence of the issue. Therefore, you need professional repair services from a proven concrete garage flooring contractor. Ohio Garage Interiors is a leading provider of garage flooring repair and installation services for Northeast Ohio.

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What causes heaving in concrete garage floors

Expansive soil:

Expansive soil is one of the most common causes of heaving in concrete floor slabs. Clay will absorb moisture from rainwater, groundwater, broken pipes in your plumbing, and even irrigation systems in your lawn.

If the soil beneath contains high amounts of clay, it will have a high absorption rate. So, the soil will expand when water is present and shrink when it becomes dry. As a result, your floor will heave and crack.

Heavy rain and melting snow:

Ohio’s spring and winter seasons can be particularly problematic when it comes to heaving. It is not uncommon for snow and rain to come and go in a short amount of time. So, the soil under and around your home will become oversaturated with water. As a result, the soil will begin to put significant pressure on your foundation and garage flooring, which causes heaving.

Frost heaving and thaw cycles:

Thaw cycles are also incredibly common in Ohio. Not only does this cause cracking in concrete floors, but it also causes frost heaving. If the soil beneath the floor is saturated, it will expand as it freezes. As a result, your floor can move up to multiple inches and experience various damages.

Leaks in plumbing:

If leaking pipes in your plumbing around your foundation are left unattended, the water that escapes from them will enter the soil. So, the soil will begin to expand and cause your flooring to heave. Furthermore, allowing your broken pipes to saturate the soil with water means you are paying for all the water lost while it damages your flooring.

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How to repair heaved concrete garage floor

There are many methods to repair heaved concrete garage floors. However, choosing the proper method depends on many different conditions. Our team of garage floor repair experts will inspect your flooring, so we can determine the best course of action for repairing your floor.

Hammer & Chisel

If your floor as a clear peak in its heave that is cracking out, we can break away the chunks and remove the peak with a hammer and chisel. As a result, this will create a rough gap in between and below the heaving surface of the floor. So, we can then pour a new layer of concrete on top of it. Once we grind and smooth the new concrete, we can install our high-strength polyaspartic epoxy to protect your flooring from other forms of wear and tear.

Concrete grinder

This is the most efficient method for repairing heaved concrete garage floors. We will grind down the heaves in your flooring until they match the height of the rest of the floor. Then, we can begin pouring fresh concrete to the areas we have ground and fill any existing cracks. Finally, we smooth out the new concrete and make your floor look good as new.

Concrete chipper

Concrete chipping machinery is the only solution for heaving that covers large areas of your flooring and has raised more than an inch over its initial height. This equipment will quickly break through the heaved concrete, removing any peaks and leveling out the floor. Similar to our other methods, we will pour new concrete to resurface the floor, smooth it out, and apply high-strength epoxy.

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