Repairing Large Cracks in Concrete Garage Floor

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Have you noticed large cracks and other forms of wear and tear on your concrete floor? Contact Ohio Garage Interiors, Ohio’s leading provider of garage floor repair and installation services. We offer high-quality repair and resurfacing services as well as polyaspartic coating installation for Ohio garage floors. Our customers also have the advantage of working with seasoned garage flooring experts, so we can give them the best results with competitive pricing.

Ohio weather is uniquely turbulent, so it can be rough on concrete garage flooring. The average Ohio garage floor will encounter humidity and temperature fluctuations as well as winter thaw cycles. As a result, your floor begins to shrink, expand, and eventually crack. With the help of OGI, however, you can repair these cracks and install high-strength epoxy coatings to protect the concrete from future damage.

Prospective customers of OGI can also schedule an in-home inspection before committing to repairs or installations. We will send one of our genuine OGI contractors to your home to inspect your current flooring and provide a quote free of charge. You can also send in pictures of the floor if you do not have time for an in-person appointment.

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Process for repairing large cracks in concrete garage floor

Concrete is naturally rigid, so it is bound to crack over time. Factors like temperature and humidity in Ohio also contributes to garage floor cracking. Control and contraction joints are another common cause of cracking. However, these features are in place to force cracks to travel down specific tracks, so the cracks cannot spread to the entire concrete slab.

Once cracks begin to appear on your floor, the best course of action is to deal with them as soon as possible. OGI offers the tools necessary for high-precision repairs and epoxy installations for long term protection of your floor.

Recommended repair materials

Garage floor repair materials come in many forms. However, if you want the most effective repairs, polyurea, polyurethane, and polyaspartic epoxy are the best options. Thankfully, polyaspartic floor coatings are an OGI specialty.

In fact, we have designed our polyaspartic floor coatings to work perfectly in the Ohio garage. Our polyaspartic coating systems consist of polyaspartic polyurea, so it can protect your floor from virtually any incoming damage. Dirt, dust, mold, mildew, flooding, road salts, chemicals, and even heavy impacts are no match for OGI flooring. Additionally, our polyaspartic epoxy contains a concrete crack filler compound, so it is ideal for garage flooring repair.

Crack repair steps

First, we chase the crack with a hammer and cold chisel to break any loose edges on the side of the crack. We position the chisel in the crack and hit it with a hammer to break off the debris. Secondly, we clean out the remaining debris and scrub the cracks with a wire brush.

Once the initial crack repairs are complete, we grind and sand the floor until it is completely smooth. So, applying our high-strength polyaspartic coatings more effective. Our coatings will not only fill the cracks and offer long term protection, but they will also give your flooring a visually stunning aesthetic.


Polyaspartic epoxy installation cost

Here at Ohio Garage Interiors, we work to give Ohio homeowners the highest quality and value for garage flooring repair and installation. If you have been looking for flooring services in Northeast Ohio, you have likely found various companies offer one-day installations. These services seem like an incredible convenience at first. However, one-day installations are inaccurate and unnecessary while costing $3 more per square foot.

This will result in your flooring forming a variety of unsightly defects post-installation. So, you will need to spend more on costly maintenance just to keep your flooring in decent condition. With OGI, however, you can prevent these defects and repairs with thorough, two-day flooring installations. A two-day installation process ensures our polyaspartic epoxy cures properly to your concrete floor and forms a high-strength bond.

Our flooring installation services start at $6.95 per square foot, but we also offer a series of discounts for flooring projects in spaces 600 square feet or larger. So, OGI customers can install the high-quality flooring they need without breaking the bank. Here is an example of our discounts:

  • 600 sq ft or more – 10% Discount on Price of flooring
  • 900 sq ft – 15% Discount on Price of flooring
  • 1,200 sq ft – 20% Discount on Price of flooring
  • 2,500 sq ft – 25% Discount on Price of flooring

*A minimum project size of $3,000 is required.

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Ohio Garage Interiors | Repairing Large Cracks in Concrete Garage Floor

If you are looking for a garage flooring repair company in Northeast Ohio, you can rely on the experts at OGI to get the job done. We also perform our services year-round, so do not be afraid to get in touch to schedule a free inspection.

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