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A peeled, cracked garage floor in need of Garage floor repairAre you beginning to notice erosion and cracking in your concrete garage floor? Contact Ohio Garage Interiors for effective and affordable garage floor resurfacing services. We are a leading garage floor resurfacing, concrete restoration, and garage floor coating installation company. OGI offers a combination of quality, precision, and competitive pricing, so we can ensure each customer receives the most for their money.

Setup an in-home inspection with us today, and we can give you a free quote prior to service. However, you can email in pictures of your garage flooring and any damaged areas, if it is more convenient for you. Our team of garage floor resurfacing and installation professionals will inspect your flooring’s existing concrete. We will then be able to precisely decide which process is best for resurfacing and protecting your garage flooring.

Our garage floor replacement contractors have years of experience in resurfacing garage floors with polyaspartic epoxy. Our epoxy coating is non-porous which means that dirt, debris, and liquid does not seep below the surface. Our floors are guaranteed to last and come in a range of color and style options for you to choose from. If you’re looking for top garage floor replacement contractors, look to Ohio Garage Interiors. 


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Common Garage Flooring Issues

A severely damaged garage floor that needs garage floor repair services like garage floor resurfacingOhio’s harsh weather conditions make cracking, erosion, and other forms of damage incredibly common. Throughout the year, your flooring encounters heat, humidity, hot care tires, road salt, ice, and many other potential issues.

Under these conditions, unprotected flooring is essentially guaranteed to wear down. Even tracking in snow on your boots can carry trace amounts of road salt, which immediately begins eroding your floor. Stone and Epoxy flooring is especially vulnerable to these issues.

Here are some common issues you may need to repair in your garage flooring:

Cracking & Pitting

Cracking and pitting are the most common issues that appear on a garage floor’s concrete surface. However, if the cracks and pits are minor, repairing them is relatively simple. OGI can repair these issues quickly and protect your garage flooring from future damages.

Concrete is an incredibly rigid material, so it will eventually crack regardless of how often you use your garage. It also expands and shrinks with the temperature and humidity in your garage. This is a central cause of cracking.

Any cracks larger than 1/4-inch need to be ground and filled prior to resurfacing. This can be performed with a masonry wheel or a chisel and hammer. OGI flooring experts will apply the concrete filler and resurface your flooring with a high-strength polyaspartic epoxy coating.

Once you notice cracking, it is best to treat the issue before it gets worse. Ohio Garage Interiors is capable of effectively repairing the cracks and pitting in your garage flooring and provide protection from future damage.


Fixing minor settling simply requires the application of self-leveling concrete to the settled areas. This is an easy task for OGI contractors, so we can repair your flooring with a quick turnaround. In the case of major settling, a full flooring replacement may be necessary.

However, you should always consult with a reputable contractor before committing to a serious procedure. OGI has options that can help you avoid the costs of a full replacement, so don’t be afraid to schedule an in-home inspection for a free quote.

Once you have a quote for both repair and replacement services, compare the pricing. If the repair pricing is close to the full replacement pricing, you will get more value out of a replacement.


Heaving is the process of your flooring’s foundation or concrete slab moving upward, expanding, and swelling. There are many causes for garage floor heaving. Frost heaving and thaw cycles are particularly common, but expanding solid, rain and snow, and even leaks in your plumbing can result in heaving.

The more extreme the heaving becomes, the more time and money you will have to invest in repairs. So, if you notice any heaving in your concrete flooring, get in touch with Ohio Garage Interiors today!

Garage Floor Resurfacing & Polyaspartic Epoxy

Ohio Garage Interiors is one of Northeast Ohio’s best companies for garage floor resurfacing and the installation of garage flooring polyaspartic epoxy. Our team of garage flooring professionals can repair and restore any issues with your flooring. We can also install our garage flooring polyaspartic epoxy for enhanced protection against wear and tear and an elevated aesthetic.

Our garage floor polyaspartic epoxy coatings contain a high-performance, hybrid polymer. As a result, it can provide four times more durability than standard epoxy products. Furthermore, it forms a permanent bond with the existing concrete. This bond helps the polyaspartic epoxy protect against various hazards such as mold, mildew, flooding, road salt corrosion, chemicals, and more!

Our Garage Floor Resurfacing Process

Surface Preparation & Concrete Grinding

The garage floor resurfacing processPreparing the concrete surface is the most crucial part of the resurfacing and repair process. In fact, without thorough preparation, we cannot give our customers the best results. Our staff of garage repair specialists will inspect your concrete slab and record any relevant characteristics such as density, cracks, and other damages. Thus, we will be able to determine the optimal process for resurfacing your flooring.

Our prepping process involves diamond grinding, which scarifies and etches the concrete flooring with diamond segments. As a result, the concrete floor’s pores open up and let our epoxy’s bonding agents settle into the flooring.

We also repair any instances of cracking or spalling during the preparation process. We will open hairline cracks with the grinder and use polyurea concrete mix to fill them. Lastly, we grind off extra filler and smooth down the surface before applying the basecoat.

Applying Basecoat & Decorative Flakes

Our garage flooring basecoat consists of a high-performance, polyaspartic primer layer. We flood the concrete flooring with this material and spread it with a long-handled squeegee. Then, we back roll the basecoat to create a level surface for decorative flake application. We can also apply the basecoat and flakes to vertical surfaces in your garage.

Our basecoat materials require overnight curing, so they can form a strong bond with the underlying concrete surface and provide long term durability. Once the basecoat finishes curing, we remove any remaining extra flakes and debris from the floor surface.

Topcoat Application

The final step of resurfacing the existing concrete garage floor with OGI is applying our polyaspartic topcoat. We use only the highest quality materials in the garage flooring industry for our topcoat. With the help of polyaspartic polyurea, this impermeable topcoat offers exceptional strength and adhesion characteristics.

This clear topcoat will require a complete 24 hours to properly cure before it is ready for residents to walk on it. For vehicles, the epoxy needs 36 to 48 to settle in.

A glossy polyaspartic epoxy floor installed by OGI Garage floor repair contractors near me

Why Choose OGI for Garage Floor Repair?

If you are looking for garage floor repair near me, Ohio Garage Interiors is the best choice. On top of being the most cost-effective flooring option on the market, our garage floor resurfacing and high-performance polyaspartic epoxy provide many unique benefits:

  • Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean: Our flooring’s superior strength results in lower overall maintenance needs. It also has an impenetrable, non-slip surface, which prevents dust, dirt, and stains from settling. This makes cleaning quick, safe, and easy! You can clean almost any spill with simple mopping or vacuuming.
  • Durability and Longevity: OGI flooring offers unmatched durability and resistance against various potential hazards. Mold, mildew, flooding, corrosion chemicals, abrasions, and road salt are no match for OGI flooring. As a result, your flooring looks better and lasts longer without the need for recurring maintenance.
  • Customization: OGI gives you the opportunity to get creative with your new garage flooring. Choose from a variety of solid colors and metallic finishes or customize decorative flake flooring with many shapes, colors, sizes, and patterns.
  • On-site Inspection & Free Quotes: If you schedule an on-site inspection or send us photos of your garage flooring, we can give a quote free of charge!
  • Precision Installation: Many other flooring contractors in Northeast Ohio advertise one-day installation as an attractive convenience. However, this is entirely unnecessary and can result in many unsightly flooring defects. Most notably, one-day installation costs more. OGI, on the other hand, performs a two-day installation with competitive pricing. This allows the flooring materials to properly acclimate, preventing the formation of defects.
  • Local Contractors: OGI is proud to be an entirely locally owned and operated Northeast Ohio flooring company, so we never bring in subcontractors. Each OGI customer receives reliable service from a team of genuine OGI contractors who can effectively resurface, repair and install garage flooring.
  • Twenty-Year Warranty Against Peeling and Delamination!

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