Here’s How To Find The Best Epoxy Floor Contractors Near Me

How Can I Find Quality Garage Floor Contractors?

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If you’ve decided to invest in an epoxy garage floor, congratulations! Epoxy floors are known for their durability, customizable aesthetics, and longevity. Once you’ve decided that an epoxy floor is the right choice for you, the next step is to find epoxy floor contractors near me.

There are a number of companies that claim to be the best garage floor epoxy contractors near me on the market. So how do you decide which is right for you? First and foremost, make sure you outline a budget for your project. Certain epoxy contractors won’t work on smaller residential projects if they specialize in commercial spaces. Next, envision what you want for your garage floor. Is there a color you have in mind? What about a style, like flecks of gold or glitter? See which epoxy floor contractors near me provide customizable options, and keep those epoxy contractors in mind.

Before you choose the best garage floor coating contractors near me, let’s lay out the most important elements to keep in mind about your garage flooring job.

#1 How Long Is The Installation? | Selecting Epoxy Floor Contractors 

Some garage floor contractors are big on advertising single day installation. What that means is that once you are scheduled to have your floor redone, the epoxy contractors near me will come in, clean out your garage, lay down the floor, and seal it all in a single day. Some customers like this model because it’s a 24 hours process, and the next day they can come home to a brand new garage floor.

On the other hand, some epoxy floor contractors near me will offer a two day installation. While this may seem like not as good of a deal, there’s a reason for this model. Certain epoxy flooring contractors near me prefer to give the basecoat more time to bond with the concrete floor before they move on. A two day installation allots for this amount of time, which creates a stronger bond between the floor and the epoxy coating.

Here at Ohio Garage Interiors, we are confident in our two day installation process. Our epoxy flooring contractors are experts in garage flooring projects and know how to give our customers a floor that really lasts. Since we allow for an extra day in the process, we give our basecoat the time it needs to create a bond with the substrate. Plus, our epoxy garage floor contractors near me always put in the extra effort to ensure your garage floor is clean and shiny before we leave. Just because our installation process takes longer than others, doesn’t mean the experience won’t be just as seamless. 

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#2 What Type of Material Do The Garage Floor Contractors Use?

polyaspartic epoxyAs mentioned, epoxy is the leading option for garage and basement flooring jobs. Most garage floor contractors will offer some type of epoxy flooring. The real difference is in the specific type of epoxy, how long it lasts, and if it can withstand the changing Ohio seasons.

Here at Ohio Garage Interiors, our epoxy floor coating contractors near me use a multilayer polyaspartic epoxy for all of our garage flooring jobs. Polyaspartic epoxy has the highest resistance to abrasion, impact, and hot tires, and protects the concrete base below. In addition, this epoxy creates a non-porous surface that prevents dirt, road salt, oils, and fuels from absorbing into the floor. Polyaspartic epoxy is considered one of the top types of epoxy on the market, which is why our epoxy floor contractors near me are proud to offer this compound to all of our customers.

#3 Can I Customize My Garage Floor?

Even if your garage is mostly a storage space, it’s still part of your home. Having the chance to work with garage flooring contractors near me to customize your floor is a huge advantage that lets you add a touch of style to you space.

Certain garage floor epoxy contractors will offer little or no opportunity for customization. If you want a specific color, check to see the options offered by epoxy contractors before you move forward. Ohio Garage Interiors offers a range of colors and coating options to suit our customers. In fact, we offer decorative flake blends that add a touch of style to your floor. Our blends include:

  • Signature Blend
  • Classic Blends
  • Marble Blends
  • Terrazzo Blends
  • Organic Mica Blends
  • Solid Pigment Urethan
  • Metallic Pigment Urethane
  • Glitter Flake & Powder Additives

We have dozens of ways for you to make your floor your own. When our epoxy floor coating contractors near me perform an initial consultation, they can show you exactly what we offer to help you find a design that fits the aesthetics of your home.

#4 Why Not Try DIY Epoxy Flooring? | Seeking Epoxy Floor Contractors Near Me

Flooring peeling from wear and tear | Epoxy basement flooringPerhaps one of the biggest questions about hiring garage floor contractors is: Why not do it yourself? DIY projects have become increasingly popular with the rise of platforms like YouTube, and videos that promise to teach you how to redo your floor for a fraction of the price.

Without hiring professional epoxy floor contractors near me, you become entirely responsible for the final product. You are also charged with the task of finding the right materials, knowing exactly how to place them, and avoiding costly mistakes. You may have seen low-cost DIY floor kits advertised as a fast and easy way to redo your floor. These kits are on the shelves at almost any major hardware store and come at extremely low prices. If you are already on the fence about hiring garage floor coating contractors near me, this may seem like a viable alternative.

What these kits don’t tell you is that the low price comes at a cost. The materials included are low quality and have hidden defects that will lead to serious issues down the line, like a chipping floor or a spotty job that doesn’t withstand the tests of Ohio’s fluctuating weather. As a result, homeowners will call epoxy floor contractors near me at Ohio Garage Interiors to patch up their floor and resolve issues that they did not foresee.

If you want to get it right the first time, it’s worth it to invest in epoxy garage floor contractors near me. The team at OGI has helped Northeast Ohio homeowners redo their floors for decades. We have the experience, the materials, and the best process to get the job done right, every time.

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If you are seeking qualified epoxy floor contractors near me, look to the team at Ohio Garage Interiors. We have decades of experience in helping property owners in Northeast Ohio get the floor of their dreams.

Our two day installation process ensures that you’ll get a floor that really lasts. Plus, our use of polyaspartic epoxy will give you a non-porous surface that can withstand wear and outside elements. Our garage floor replacement contractors near me are professional in every job they do, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Rather than taking a risk on a faulty DIY kit, invest in quality work from our garage floor epoxy contractors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our floor coatings have a twenty-year warranty against delamination, staining, or defects in materials.

Life expectancy is about 15 years under normal use and care.

Simply spray it clean with a garden hose and spray nozzle then use a foam squeegee to remove the excess water. Occasionally you may need to use 5-6 ounces of CLEAR ammonia per gallon of water to remove some stubborn dirt.

Our coatings are free of solvents. They are not flammable and although there is minimal odor, it’s non-hazardous to people, pets, and the environment.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove all contents. It is often stored under a tarp in the driveway or in a side yard or patio. As a chargeable option, we can arrange for a storage unit to be delivered and we can also empty the garage for you.

The floor install takes two days. You can return your garage between 24-36 hours depending on weather conditions. Some companies complete this process in one day and present it as a benefit to you. We disagree. To finish in one day the cure times of the base coat must cure fast. Speeding up this process can jeopardize the depth of penetration and ultimately the quality of adhesion. Cabinet installs typically are completed in 1-2 days.

Yes. We have a polymer filler that works extremely well and is compatible with our coating system. It restores the floor to a level, flat surface.

New or old we prepare the concrete mechanically using diamond tooling on a commercial grinder. This cleans the top surface and “opens the pores” of the concrete allowing our base coat to penetrate deeply for excellent adhesion. This process is typically considered to be the best method for obtaining a consistent surface profile and is superior to the acid was a method used by others in the industry.

We have a number of resinous polymer formulations of epoxy and polyaspartic. This allows us to address various concrete, temperature, and humidity conditions as well as offer different aesthetic attributes in our decorative coatings systems.

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