Why Look for Stone & Epoxy Alternatives?

Stone & Epoxy Alternatives

If you live in a suburban neighborhood, you’ve probably seen a garage floor furnished with a stone and epoxy coating. When first installed, customers cannot contain their excitement. The new floor looks beautiful and it transforms the garage, creating a chic, modern style. If you are inspired to do some research about how much your neighbors paid for their stone floor, you might be in for a surprise, because the cost per square foot that is advertised is quite low.

natural stone epoxy flooring in Ohio garageNot surprisingly, though, these floors featuring stone and epoxy coating cost more per square foot than advertised. Is the pricing inaccurate? Not necessarily. There simply is a backstory that is not often shared, especially when you consider all the hidden costs and risks associated with projects like this that may not be accounted for in the pricing you see.

The Reasoning Behind Stone & Epoxy Flooring Costs

Simply put, there is a reason there are so many stone and epoxy competitors in the market today. If you don’t do your research before a stone coated with epoxy is installed, you may end up with a host of problems. Some people find themselves spending their weekend learning how to remove stone on their own because they don’t want to spend additional money with contractors, but are unhappy with the product. Alternatively, some consumers buy a stone and epoxy repair kit to try to mask some of the troublesome areas that have become visible so quickly after the project has been completed.

The DIY Revolution

Thanks to TV channels like HGTV, many homeowners try to take on renovation or home improvement projects themselves. This includes trying to install a stone and epoxy floor. With any kind of floor renovation, including do it yourself stone and epoxy, there are many complexities that may not be outlined clearly in an off-the-shelf repair kit. Professional floor installers and renovators don’t learn their craft in a day, so it makes sense that someone not familiar with that trade will also not be able to learn how to create a perfect flooring solution in a weekend. Instead of diy stone and epoxy or any other “do it yourself” floor treatment, look for a stone and epoxy alternative.

Preparation is a Must

natural stone alternatives | nature stone alternativeThe fact is that just as a house needs to be primed and prepared before it is painted, a garage floor needs to be prepared before a new epoxy coating is added, regardless of what kind of coating is involved. When Ohio Garage Interiors is called to a potential customer’s home, we carefully document the area we will be quoting, and we address all potential issues in our quote. This may make our initial quote seem higher than our competitors in some cases, but over time, the value will become apparent, and the lack of a surprise fees at the end will also be considered a benefit. OGI has been replacing and renovating floors long enough to know what problems a project may run into, how that may impact the timeline, and more. Our first quote is our best quote. Learn more about Ohio Garage Interiors’ superior garage flooring solutions today, and dare to compare.