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Have you been searching for epoxy flooring near me or just an all around effective flooring solutions? With Ohio Garage Interiors, you can give your floors the ultimate upgrade with industrial-grade epoxy coatings. As a leading provider of flooring solutions in Northeast Ohio, we have helped numerous residential and commercial clients install the high-quality flooring they need.

But what is epoxy flooring exactly? What makes it better than other flooring solutions on the market or just plain old concrete?



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What is epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring is made up of a special thermosetting resin, which combines multiple polymers to form virtually impenetrable surfaces. Here at OGI, we use an epoxy topcoat called polyaspartic polyurea. This is by far one of the strongest and most effective epoxy products in the flooring industry.

In fact, polyaspartic epoxy offers exceptional defense against anything from foot traffic to corrosive chemicals. Our epoxy floor is also slip-resistant to protect guests and employees from slip-and-fall accidents after spills or during routine cleaning. As a result, it is useful for a wide variety of applications.

Although we tend to focus on garage remodeling and design, our epoxy floor solutions are also useful for commercial kitchens, cafeterias, warehouses, factory floors, and more! However, you might be wondering “Why can’t I just stick with a normal concrete floor?”

What’s wrong with concrete?

Ultimately, there is not really anything wrong with concrete. It functions as a strong foundation for flooring in almost any industry, but it can only do so much on its own.

Concrete’s lack of flexibility makes it extremely vulnerable to cracking. No matter what you do, bare concrete will eventually crack if you do not give it proper protection. For industrial facilities and warehouses, a crack here or there might not mean much. However, residential properties and businesses that serve the public need floors that are presentable and visually appealing.

For example, if a customer visits a new grocery store and is greeted by grey, cracked concrete flooring, they are unlikely to enjoy their shopping experience from that point forward. With custom epoxy flooring, the floor is not only free of defects but also has a finish that matches the rest of the store. As a result, the customer will see the store as a clean and pleasant environment.

Concrete vs. Mother Nature

Concrete is also more likely to wear down if regularly exposed to the outdoors. The average garage is a perfect example of this. Changing weather introduces humidity fluctuations that cause concrete to expand and contract. This causes cracking and can potentially cause moisture to get trapped under the surface.

Another issue with weather is thaw cycles. Thaw cycles cause water to freeze inside the pores of the concrete and expand, creating new cracks and making existing cracks grow. With epoxy flooring, you can prevent moisture from getting into the floor and stop cracks in their tracks.

If you currently have a bare concrete floor with some cracks, do not worry. Most cracks are cosmetic and are not a serious threat. However, if you have structural cracks such as a crack rising high above the rest of the floor, you may need to get in touch with a professional. Contact OGI today if you would like to learn more about concrete restoration services.

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Can I install epoxy flooring myself?

Many home and business owners see professional epoxy flooring installation as a luxury they may not need. So, they often look for low-cost alternatives. DIY epoxy kits are sold in nearly every hardware or home improvement store. As a result, they seem like a convenient and cost-effective way to install flooring while cutting out the middleman.

Unfortunately, DIY is not all it is cracked up to be. DIY kits typically use low-quality materials in their epoxy. This increases the likelihood of defect formation in the resulting surface. Peeling, cracking, warping, and bubbling are just a few issues associated with DIY epoxy.

DIY epoxy also requires incredibly specific environmental conditions for proper installation. If everything is not just so, the epoxy will form defects within days after application. This means you either have to spend money on repairs or repurchase the products and try again.

Working with a reputable epoxy flooring company ensures you receive high-precision installation services with high-performance epoxy materials. Here at OGI, our epoxy flooring experts can ensure your new epoxy floor is entirely defect-free with minimal maintenance requirements.

How much does epoxy flooring cost?

How much you will pay for epoxy flooring depends on how big the project is. Our standard rate for epoxy flooring is $6.95 per square foot. We also offer a variety of discounts ranging from 10% at 600 square feet to 25% at 2500 square feet. Furthermore, we can finish installing your new epoxy flooring in just two days. 

Why two days? Why not just hire a company that can do it in one? Well, it is true that many companies offer one-day installation services. However, this requires the installer to rush the project even though they charge up to $3 more per square foot.

This often results in the formation of various defects that need immediate repairs. These companies also often require their customers to perform repairs directly through the provider. Failing to follow these terms of service can result in the voiding of your warranty. So, you get a quicker installation, but you pay a higher initial price to receive lower quality flooring.

At OGI, our two-day installation allows the base coat to cure overnight and create the strongest possible bond with the concrete. Then, we apply the topcoat, which only needs 24 hours before foot traffic and 36 hours before vehicle traffic.

If you want high-quality, defect-free flooring at a price you can afford, OGI is the way to go!

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