The 4 Features You Need to Have the Best Garage Cabinets

Getting the Best Garage Cabinets:  Look for These 4 Important Features

For many of us, garage cabinets are simply the old kitchen cabinets we’ve repurposed. On one hand, this solution seems fine.  After all, there’s no additional cost, and it’s just the garage, right? While kitchen cabinets in the garage might help us hide some of the clutter, they are not really suited for the garage’s extreme temperatures and other demands. Furthermore, their size and strength are not intended for heavy, bulky tools and sports equipment.  Thus, they can become a safety concern in the garage. They also won’t last very long out there. Selecting the right types of cabinets for your garage can solve many garage problems for years to come and save you money in the long run.

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Before putting cabinets in your garage, make sure they meet these 4 critical criteria:

1.  Constructed to last, even in harsh weather.

Garage cabinets are subject to heavy, wet, and harsh items that can beat up your investment over time. Hence, your garage cabinets need to be made from heavy-duty materials that don’t warp and sag as temperatures rise and fall.  Many cabinets, like those repurposed kitchen cabinets, use thin pressboard material which won’t last long. They will quickly sag and warp as heat and moisture settle in.

Extreme weather is no match for our custom garage cabinets.  

Our cabinets keep the elements out. We use thermally laminated 1” thick tops and bottoms. This lamination will no peel or chip even when faced with the harshest of Ohio’s winter weather.   With 1” adjustable shelves and integrated backs as well, they are constructed to be strong and to last!

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2. Strong enough to store heavy loads safely.

Having a strong cabinet is only half the battle. Attaching the cabinet to the wall, and keeping it there so it doesn’t rip off and damage cars or even worse, you or a family member, is the other half.  As any skilled craftsman would attest to, the backing of a cabinet holds the majority of the weight in the cabinet. Likewise, the hardware used to hang your cabinets greatly impacts their stability. Yet cheap backing and cheap screws are a common way cabinet companies save money.

Our backing and screws keep your cabinets safely secured.

First, our cabinet backing is integrated.  To explain, we use ¼” inch backing that is dado-grooved into the sides, and we also use nailer supports that cut weight capacity by more than 50%.  As a result, the backing stays put and holds heavy tools safely. In addition, we use strong, all steel construction hardware and 4” connection “Confirmat” screws. Confirmat screws, unlike the Cam locks or other fasteners used by inferior cabinets, hold more weight safely because they are specifically designed to be used with processed wood materials.  Indeed, each screw holds 250lbs of sheer weight capacity each!

3. Customizable to maximize your space and meet your needs.

So many cabinets on the market only come in standard sizes.  Garage dimensions and layouts, however, are anything but standard.  Also, each family’s needs are very different. One family needs a solution for 5 bikes, while another needs storage for golf clubs and lacrosse sticks!  Not surprisingly, standard sized cabinets rarely maximize the available wall space or fit your golf bag’s dimensions! As a result, such cabinets can actually reduce your garage’s storage potential.

Ohio Garage’s garage cabinets are built to fit your space.

With our custom-built cabinets, you’re sure to have cabinets that use your space wisely and fit the items you need to store. With cabinets up to 48” wide, we’re sure to make a fit for your needs.  We make the process easy, too. Our experts take measurements for you and offer possible layouts.  Finally, with many color finishes to choose from, they will fit your style, too!

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4. Manufactured responsibly.

Cheap cabinets are often made with materials and finishes that are not environmentally friendly.  As a result, the can pose a risk to you and your family through Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions.  When exposed to VOCs, many people experience eye and throat irritations, to say the least. Thus, limiting your family’s exposure to them, especially in enclosed spaces, is strongly recommended.

We use only zero to low VOC cabinets.

At Ohio Garage Interiors, we’re locally owned, so we know what we’re taking care of friends and neighbors.  That’s why all of our garage cabinet lines are zero to low VOC. Only the highest indoor air quality homeowners and their loved ones are acceptable to us.  

We’re so confident our garage cabinets are strong and durable, that we offer a LIFETIME warranty!

Choosing the right cabinets for your garage the first time will save you money in the long run.  With Ohio Garage Interiors’ lifetime warranty, you can rest assured you’re making the right choice the first (and last!) time.  

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