Tips To Conquer A Messy Garage

How to Organize Clutter and Regain Control of Your Garage

Ohio Garage Interiors Messy GarageTripping over mountains of garage clutter? Well, you’re definitely not alone. Most garages have become catch-all storage zones, housing home improvement supplies like tools and paint, yard and garden necessities, recreational gear, and trash and recycling bins. Add bulky seasonal items like holiday lights and yard decorations to the mix and it’s no wonder the family car no longer fits!

Ohio Garage Interiors Messy GarageThe good news is you probably do have room for all that stuff; it’s just a matter of corralling each item according to type. Need help? Here are the five most common garage storage conundrums — plus space-saving solutions. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without these must-have products!

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Problem 1: Too many tools, not enough shelves.

Solution: Wall-mounted, closed storage cabinets.

Your collection of home improvement supplies has expanded, but chances are your garage’s shelving capacity has not kept pace. You know what I mean: a jumble of hand tools and power tools all vying for space with other essentials — painting and caulking supplies, lubricants, engine oils and light bulbs.

Consider upgrading to wall mounted tall storage cabinets. The beauty of these systems is that they are super-durable yet also adjustable. Best of all, you can add on to them and customize as your needs change.

Problem 2: One too many rakes and brooms.

Solution: ORGwall or silver track rail system

Does reaching for a broom mean fighting off an avalanche of other long-handled cleaning and garden implements? If so, get yourself organized with wall mounted hooks designed to hang those odd shaped gardening tools such as mops, brooms, shovels and rakes.

Problem 3: Bicycles constantly underfoot.

Solution: Ceiling-mounted bike lift or wall mounted bike racks.

If struggling to keep your family’s bicycles in an upright position is routine for you then a bike mount on the wall or a ceiling lift may be an easy solution. These systems let you reclaim precious floor space, yet still allows easy access to your wheels when needed.
A freestanding bike rack is worth considering, too, especially for kids’ bikes where easy access is essential. Nope, it won’t get bikes up off the floor, but at least they’ll be kept organized and stable.

Problem 4: Seasonal items gobbling up space.

Solution: Ceiling storage unit.

Odds are some of the bulkiest items in your garage are only used seasonally. I’m talking holiday home and yard decorations (like that 5-foot Santa yard ornament and reel-upon-reel of holiday lights), camping gear and certain sporting items like skiing and snowboarding equipment.
The secret for containing such rarely-used stuff is to stash it as high as possible, taking advantage of unused ceiling space (yes, ceiling space!). For maximum stability, install a steel storage platform designed for exactly this purpose. Overhead Ceiling Storage Units are adjustable and simply screw into your garage’s ceiling joists. Each 4’ x 8’ section installs separately, but you can add as many as you like depending on your budget and the space available.

Problem 5: Bulky trash and recycling carts.

Solution: Stackable plastic bins.

With everything else your garage is expected to contain, do you really have room for those huge rolling trash and recycling carts from your city’s utilities department? I’m betting the answer is “No!” Okay, so stow those big bulky wheelie bins outside where they belong, in a spot that’s convenient for curb-side collection. Next, shop around for some stackable plastic bins and use these for keeping recycling contained and sorted.
No matter what storage problems you may be facing you can be sure that a garage storage system from Ohio Garage Interiors can solve any and every problem you may have. We can provide storage solutions ranging from small cabinets to full lengths of tall cabinets and shelving and overhead storage racks. Don’t hesitate and call Ohio Garage Interiors today and let us solve all of your storage problems and turn your garage from a cluttered mess to a sanctuary of neatness!