Tips for Living Sustainably is locked Tips for Living Sustainably

Turn Your Garage Into Your Own Personal Recycling Center

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It’s easy to embrace a greener lifestyle and make it part of your daily routine when you have an organized and efficient system. Set up an organized recycling center in your garage.

In this “need it now” solution situated right outside the door, it’s easy to access frequently used items such as recyclables, dog food, and beverages. These bulky and sometimes smelly items contained in the garage keep your home clean and a little less cluttered. Hooks, baskets, and shelves are simple to adjust as your needs change.

Consider these tips for living sustainably:

  • Store recycle bins in a place where it’s convenient to sort recyclables right after use. Give recyclables a proper rinse to ensure that they don’t attract pests.
  • Organize for light, frequent cleanings. When you don’t give grime time to build up, you’ll be less likely to resort to harsh chemical cleaners.
  • Designate a space to store items destined for charitable donation. By establishing a zone for these items, you’ll make it easy to remember to take it along on your next errand.
  • Choose eco-friendly products. Look for durable products designed for a long lifespan. Products made of recycled materials, certified to CARB indoor air quality standards, and manufactured responsibly are all good factors to consider.

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