3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Garage Interior

garage interiorUpgrade Your Garage’s Appearance and Functionality

As spring begins to bloom in Northeast Ohio, it’s time for homeowners to spruce up their houses and declutter. While many people start to clean out their basements or closets, it’s important not to forget about your garage interior. If you use your garage to store items, there are most likely objects you haven’t used in quite a few months. It’s time to drag out that clutter and decide what needs to go, what can be cleaned up, and what you use daily. This will help get your garage interior cleaned up for spring.

Spring cleaning is a great way to clear out your space and get ready for the warmer months. Below are 3 ways you can spring clean your garage interior, including investing in a new garage floor from Ohio Garage Interiors’ polyaspartic epoxy garage floor installers.

Step #1: Declutter Your Garage

The first step to renovating your garage interior is to remove clutter. This can include tools, seasonal decorations, or even pantry items. To find out what needs to stay and what needs to go, you’ll need to pull everything out of the garage. As you figure out what items you have in your garage, create category piles where you have space to sort the items. This will help you visualize what items you have, and potentially what you have too much of.

Once you’ve separated your items, it’s time to decide what can stay. Start with the items you know are used on a semi-regular basis such as lawnmowers, gardening tools, or car materials. Next, look at items that may be broken or you’re not able to use anymore. Finally, if there are items in your garage that no longer serve a purpose for you, you can donate them!

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Step #2: Wash Your Garage Interior

As the seasons change and debris settles in your garage, many of your items will collect a layer of dirt and dust. As you walk through your garage throughout the year, the dirt and dust from the floor can be tracked through your home and end up on carpets or rugs. Once you have cleared your garage interiors of clutter and unwanted items, it’s important to thoroughly sweep and wash out the garage interior.

Start by wiping down cabinets, storage shelves, and other items that can’t be removed from the garage interior easily. Next, sweep any remaining debris from the garage such as leaves, dirt, or loose gravel. Finally, you’re ready to lightly mop your garage floor to remove leftover dirt. Once your garage interior is shiny and clean, it’s time to call the experts at Ohio Garage Interiors for the ultimate spring cleaning upgrade.

Step #3: Contact Polyaspartic Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

epoxy garage floor installersOne of the best parts about spring cleaning is that it leaves room for upgrades to your space. One valuable upgrade you can make to your garage interior is investing in a polyaspartic epoxy garage floor. OGI’s epoxy floor and polyaspartic topcoat are four times stronger than a standard epoxy coating or paint from other suppliers.

Our professional polyaspartic epoxy garage floor installers will restore your garage with a stain and slip-resistant, easy-to-maintain, and durable garage floor. With our unique polyaspartic blend, we guarantee that your new garage floor will last for up to 20 years!

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