Running Out of Room in Your Kitchen Storage? Try the Garage!

Your Garage is the Perfect Place to Expand Your Storage Space

One thing that goes almost unmentioned is the lack of storage most folks have in their home refrigerators or freezers. It’s not likely that the kitchen has room for additional cold or frozen food preservation, but the garage is often the best, most logical place for an additional fridge or freezer unit.

Consider that your garage already has electrical hookups that outside from a workshop or car vacuum, don’t often see much use. Usually the garage offers a three-prong grounded dual plug outlet that can definitely handle the energy needs of today’s heavy-duty appliances. When thinking of remodeling the garage, keep in mind that an area allocated for a heavy-duty appliance item like a fridge or freezer could easily be carved out while still keeping enough room for other storage needs and, of course, the family vehicles.

You’ll probably find that once you have the additional refrigerator unit, you won’t know how you did without it all those years. Aside from the holiday turkey, other perishable trimmings and fixings pre-made or not, the additional unit can also be used as storage for days on end without turning away the normal, everyday fridge or freezer items.

Many high-end and mid-range units are available at a relatively inexpensive cost, and refurbished units can also be found for a bargain.  When your garage renovation comes up, consider a space for an additional refrigerator or freezer… you won’t be disappointed with the results!

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