How to Declutter and Improve Your Garage

If there is one part of a home that tends to get cluttered up before all the rest, it’s the garage. This is a natural landing spot for things that don’t have a place available inside the house, and the stuff just seems to pile up as the years go by. From bikes and boxes to toys and tools, it all winds up in the garage.

As you start to tackle the spring cleaning process in your home, the garage may be high on your list. Whether you use your garage to simply park your cars or do woodworking projects, it’s a space that can and should be optimized to its full potential. This article will offer some simple, straightforward tips on how to declutter, organize and improve your garage so you can reclaim this useful space once and for all.

Go on a Garage Diet

The first step to getting your garage organized is simply getting rid of things that you no longer need. You might be surprised to find just how many things are living in your garage that you would be perfectly happy living without.

The “three piles” method is great for this process. Across your garage floor, create three piles or sections that you can use to sort out your things. One pile will be things you are sure you want to keep, another pile will be things you definitely want to get rid of, and the last pile is the “maybes”. Take some time to sort everything into these three sections and you’ll be well on your way to making major progress.

Once the piles are done, go about the process of getting rid of everything that you were sure could go. Consider offering some items up on a neighborhood social media page, or just take them to the dump if they are of no use to anyone. Then, gradually work through the “maybes” pile to decide the fate of each of those items.

Add Some Strategic Storage

Organized Garage with Polyaspartic Floor Finish and grey cabinets.

When you are finished with the sorting and have gotten rid of what you no longer want, the next step is to get organized with the things you are going to keep. This is where storage solutions come into the picture. Some great options for garage storage include open shelving units, cabinetry, and plastic bins or totes. Having a place to put everything rather than sitting it wherever there’s space will help you keep up with the cleanliness and organization.

If you are interested in durable and stylish cabinetry that’s perfect for a garage space, contact OGI to learn more about our storage systems.

Consider an Off-Site Storage Solution

There is one last option that is worth mentioning here – storing your stuff somewhere away from your home. If you find that you just have too many things that you want to keep, and not enough space in your garage for all of it, a self-storage unit might be the right option. These facilities are popping up everywhere in recent years, and renting a small unit is a modest monthly expense that may be well worth it if you can cut down on clutter and get more use out of your garage.

Improve Your Garage Space with Ohio Garage Interiors

Akron Granity Garage Flooring

The thing about cleaning and organization is that it becomes much easier once you have a system and you can actually enjoy your space.

If you decide that upgrading your garage floor should be a part of your garage spring cleaning process, reach out to Ohio Garage Interiors to explore your options. With the addition of a polyaspartic floor, you can enjoy a significant improvement in the way your garage looks and feels. These floors are easy to clean, durable, and feel great under your feet. Contact OGI today to learn more!