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Basement with Polyaspartic Floor Finish Process

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A Family-Owned Garage Flooring Company

For over 25 years, father-son duo Scott and Chad Gleske have enhanced more than 4,000 polyaspartic garage flooring installations throughout Ohio. Scott and Chad are honored to serve the community as one of the top garage floor coating companies using only the finest materials from the most reputable companies in the nation. We pride ourselves on our small business values of detail and integrity, combined with our tried-and-true processes and quality materials. That’s what makes us the best polyaspartic garage floor installers in Ohio.

Locally owned and operated in Ohio

  • 100% customer satisfaction is our priority
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Finest materials
  • Professional, dependable installation
  • Best in flooring installation near me

Work with the best

What are the key differentiators that separate OGI from other garage resurfacing companies? As you work toward making a decision regarding which contractor you will choose for the important task of refurbishing your garage, you want to make sure you choose the one that checks all the boxes. The Homeadvisor.com site recently published a list of traits people tend to most often look for in contractors who work on residential properties. Here are some of the list items and how we live up to those expectations.

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Polyaspartic Floor Installers You Can Trust

Garage flooring installed by OGI | Best epoxy flooring in Ohio from epoxy garage floor installers

Your Dream Garage Starts with Gorgeous Polyaspartic Flooring

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The Ultimate Garage Concrete Floor Repair & Resurfacing

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Replace Your Peeling Stone & Epoxy Flooring

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Higher Strength, Longer Lifespans, Lower Costs

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Quality First in Garage Flooring

Get the best possible results, highest value, and avoid costly issues with our precision installation methods. We are among the top garage floor refinishing companies. 

  • Non-porous and stain resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Four times stronger than standard epoxy

Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coatings

Ohio Garage Interiors is committed to quality flooring, no matter the size and scale of the project, which has earned us a reputation as one of the best garage floor coating companies and polyaspartic garage floor installers in Ohio. It’s why we use polyaspartic floor coatings, which protect against the elements we face throughout the state.

Our proprietary garage floor coating uses a multi-layer of polyaspartic coating which has the highest resistance to impact, abrasion, and hot tires while sealing and protecting concrete. The coating’s non-porous surface also prevents road salt, dirt, food, chemicals, oils, and fuels from absorbing into the floor. Our high-quality floor coatings are what make us the best in garage floor renovation and flooring installation. If you are seeking polyaspartic floor companies that will give you a lasting flooring solution, give us a call.

You Need It, We’ve Got It

We install our polyaspartic floor coatings year-round in heated garages. If you’re staying indoors this season, renovate your existing space with our basement polyaspartic floor coating. Schedule your free on-site consultation today.

We install our polyaspartic floor coatings year-round in heated garages. If you’re staying indoors this season, renovate your existing space with our basement polyaspartic floor coating. Schedule your free on-site consultation today.

20 year warranty for garage flooring

We Offer a 20-year Warranty Backed by Experience and Confidence

Our creed is simple: Hire quality people, use quality products, show up on time, and do what you said you would. That means our work comes with a promise not only to create your dream garage, but to create a product that lasts. It’s why we offer a 20-year warranty against peeling and delamination. We trust our garage floor coating process, and if you go with OGI, you’ll trust in us, too.

With OGI, you’re making a long-term investment. A decade from now, we want you walking into your garage with the same satisfaction you had from day one.

Garage drain covers are the perfect addition to your new garage floor!

Whether you are looking for ways to spruce up your garage floor on your own or you’ve just gotten a brand-new garage floor installed, having a durable garage drain cover is essential. We have several different types of drain covers to fit your needs that are protected by a lifetime warranty and are resistant to rust and corrosion. Our drain cover solutions are the perfect addition to your garage floor.

Need to replace your rusted old cast iron drain cover?

Before and after installing a steel garage floor drain | epoxy garage floor installers
Epoxy basement flooring / basement floor installers Ohio

Not just garages, enjoy our polyaspartic basement flooring too!

In addition to our quality garage flooring, Ohio Garage Interiors also specializes in polyaspartic basement flooring. Our polyaspartic basement flooring put the finishing touches on your home’s basement by providing a long lasting, reliable surface that withstands wear and tear. If you’re looking for the best flooring for basement, it’s polyaspartic. Materials like tile and vinyl chip and wear away easily, while polyaspartic is built to last. We are among the top companies that do polyaspartic flooring, so let us tackle your basement flooring project and give you a solution that lasts.

When you choose Ohio Garage Interiors for your basement flooring, we will provide a thorough initial consultation so we can fully understand what you want. Then, our professional team will install polyaspartic basement flooring in just a few days at a competitive price. You can trust our team to give you an polyaspartic basement floor that looks better and lasts longer than the rest.

We are a top polyaspartic flooring company dedicated to providing quality garage and basement flooring installation throughout Ohio. We stand out among flooring companies thanks to our polyaspartic coating that withstands wear and tear and the challenges of Ohio’s weather. When you want to best basement and garage floor company, choose Ohio Garage Interiors.

Transform Your Garage into a Showroom

Ohio Garage Interiors offers the professionalism of national brands with the personal touch of a family-owned garage flooring company near me. Father and son team Scott and Chad Gleske built the business together to serve Ohio with only the best products and expert techniques in garage floor remodeling and renovation.

Epoxy garage floor designed by OGI is superior to natural stone flooring bedford ohio epoxy garage floor installers
Floor for a garage installed by OGI is superior to natural stone flooring bedford ohio | epoxy garage floor installers
epoxy garage floor installers, OGI is superior flooring bedford ohio | epoxy garage floor installers
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About Ohio Garage Interiors

Transform Your Garage Into a Showroom With the Ultimate Garage Floor

Ohio Garage Interiors offers the national-business feel of professionalism with the personal touch of a family-owned garage floor company. Built from the ground up by father and son, Scott and Chad Gleske, Ohio Garage Interiors specializes in high-performance polyaspartic floor coatings. We are the best polyaspartic flooring company to turn your garage into your dream showroom. You can count on our polyaspartic garage floor installers to deliver the best in garage flooring near me.

Getting ready for winter? Our polyaspartic floor coatings are installed year-round in heated garages. So stay indoors this season and spruce up your existing space with our garage polyaspartic floor coating. We offer the best garage flooring options on the market, as our polyaspartic offers much more than just concrete floor protection. You can trust that our garage floor coating near me is designed to last because we use only the best materials on the market. If you’re looking for a reliable polyaspartic flooring company near me, you’ve come to the right place.

Polyaspartic Garage Floor Installers

So what makes our polyaspartic flooring near me better than the competition? Part of the appeal of our garage floor coating near me is that our installation process is tried and true. As we’ve served Northeast Ohio residents over the years, we’ve had the chance to refine and perfect our process with the best polyaspartic floor installers. Our first step in our polyaspartic flooring process is to clear out your garage to ensure the floor is completely open. If you need help doing this, our contractors can assist in the process.

Next, we will grind the floor with a mechanical grinding machine. This grinding machine is designed with diamond tooling that opens up the concrete on your garage floor. Once the concrete is opened, it will bond better with the base coat, creating the strongest possible substrate. This strong foundation is an essential part of what makes our garage flooring near me long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.

Once we’ve ground over the concrete in both directions, it’s time to repair any damages or defects in the floor, and then we will grind it once more. That way, the grinding will have a smooth, sleek finish and is ready for the base coat of our garage floor coating near me.

In order to apply the base coat to the floor coating, we need to flood the floor with high-grade polyaspartic. Once this is complete, we will back roll it with an 18-inch roller to make the base coat level throughout the garage floor. Once we level out the base coat, we broadcast vinyl flakes across the floor to give it a granite-like texture. When you work with our polyaspartic garage floor installers, you will have the chance to customize color and vinyl flakes to fit your aesthetic. Our team offers DecoFlake, which is a flake system that carries various flake colors, sizes, patterns, and shapes for your polyaspartic garage floor near me.

Once the vinyl flakes are spread, our team of garage floor contractors will let the base coat sit overnight. This is a crucial part of the installation process because it lets the base coat cure and bond with the substrate, creating the strongest possible garage flooring near me. As residents of Northeast Ohio, we understand the challenges of weather fluctuations. Road salt, dirt, snow, and sleet can make their way into your garage, and for that reason, you need the strongest possible polyaspartic garage floor near me. With our 2-day installation process, that’s exactly what you will get.

The next day, we will return to your garage to apply our topcoat, which is called “polyaspartic polyurea.” This type of garage floor coating is known as the strongest material on the market, offering extreme protection against wear and tear. Plus, this polyaspartic topcoat will maintain its glossy finish over time, so you have a garage floor you can enjoy for years to come.

Before our polyaspartic garage floor installers near me roll this material out, they scatter a material called aluminum oxide. This material gives the surface a gritty texture that prevents slipping during winter months. It also helps preserve the flooring. Once our garage floor coating contractors near me apply this topcoat, you can walk on it within 24 hours and drive over it within 36 hours. Before you know it, you will be back using your garage which looks like new!

While many garage floor coating contractors near me boast a single-day installation, Ohio Garage Interiors is proud to do things differently. We don’t believe in rushing projects and not allowing ample time for the floor to bond as strongly as possible. When you choose our team for garage floor coating near me, you can expect a thorough process that leaves you with a garage floor to last decades or more with proper care. There is a reason Northeast Ohio residents count on us as one of the best polyaspartic flooring companies.

Some might feel garage floor resurfacing is something that can comprise a “weekend warrior” or DIY project. In our experience, however, trying to complete garage floor installation or repairs on your own can actually cost more money and cause more problems than simply letting the professionals handle it.

Our staff of polyaspartic garage floor installers will inspect your existing flooring and develop a full understanding of your needs, so schedule your free on-site consultation today.

A Family-Owned Garage Flooring Company

With over 25 years of experience, Scott and Chad have overseen more than 4,000 OGI installations in both homes and businesses! Proudly serving the Northeast, Ohio area, Ohio Garage Interiors has the utmost confidence in all of our installations. Our team only purchases products from the most reputable companies in the country. This ensures our customers receive the highest quality products and most innovative advancements in equipment and installation techniques. Our polyaspartic garage floor installers have the tools, skills, and professionalism to give our customers an incredible experience every time.

At Ohio Garage Interiors, our creed is simple: Hire quality people, use quality products, show up on time, and do what you said you would! As a local, small business, we believe that our employees are our biggest asset and that their happiness goes full circle. We believe in the integrity and hard work of our polyaspartic garage floor installers. No matter how much repair work needs to be done, and no matter what specifications the customer requires, our garage floor contractors near me are up to the challenge.

Top-Notch Customer Service From Our Polyasparticy Garage Floor Installers

So what do our polyaspartic garage floor installers do? Polyaspartic floor installation is our specialty. Our garage flooring near me uses polyaspartic coatings on all of our flooring projects. Polyaspartic is known in the garage flooring market as the most durable and longest-lasting material. When it comes to battling with the weather in Northeast Ohio, a strong polyaspartic floor coating is essential. In addition to installing garage flooring near me, our team also installs basement flooring and commercial flooring.

With any project, our polyaspartic garage floor installers will work with you to meet any specifications you have. We are able to maximize customization through our use of vinyl flakes on floors that add texture and color. In addition, we can detail spaces in your garage, such as stairs and corners, to ensure that the garage flooring near me has a cohesive look.

If customization is your top priority while working with polyaspartic garage floor installers, you are in luck. Just because our business is family-owned, does not mean we can’t offer extensive choices for you to get the garage floor of your dreams. First, you can select a type of flooring. We offer DecoFlake, Organic Mica, metallic polyaspartic, solid flooring, and so much more. Then, you pick a color combination for your garage flooring near me. Our two-day installation process means that before you know it, you’ll have a polyaspartic floor coating that looks great, fits your exact specifications, and lasts decades or more.

As a family-owned business, Ohio Garage Interiors takes pride in the standards that our polyaspartic garage floor installers follow. We believe in hiring quality people that use only the best products, show up on time, and do as promised. Our creed is simple, but it works, and it’s the reason our garage floor polyaspartic contractors have been able to serve so many valued customers throughout Northeast Ohio.

With our garage flooring near me, you can expect the floors to last 15 years under normal care and use. Luckily, cleaning and maintenance of our floors is easy and does not require expensive materials. All you need to clean our garage flooring near me is a garden hose and a spray nozzle, then use a foam squeegee to remove the excess water. In certain cases, you may need to use 5-6 ounces of CLEAR ammonia per gallon of water to remove stubborn spots. Our polyaspartic floors are designed to resist salt corrosion, mold, mildew, and other forms of wear and tear, so you won’t need to worry about expensive repairs.

If you regularly clean your polyaspartic floor coating to clear away dirt and debris, your floor is sure to last a decade or longer.

Work With Our Polyaspartic Garage Floor Installers

All of our garage floor installers use a number of resinous polymer formulations of polyaspartic. This allows us to address different types of concrete, temperature, and humidity conditions as well as offer a range of customizable decorative coating systems for our garage flooring near me. Thankfully, our floors protect against peeling and other issues found in extreme weather conditions. Our team of garage floor coating contractors near me understand that your garage floor is going to be exposed to all of the elements, even if you don’t use it often. The simple act of driving your car in and out of the garage means that debris and salt will make their way in. As a Northeast Ohio resident, you need to count on reliable floor coating companies that can deliver a garage floor that really lasts.

We are proud to be a family-owned and operated business that delivers unmatched quality to all of our customers. We aim to ensure that every one of our clients receives a quality experience with a finished product they can enjoy for years to come!  There’s a reason we are among the top garage floor refinishing companies.

Another reason we have been able to thrive for such a long period of time is our ability to offer a solid nature stone alternative. When other flooring companies do not meet your expectations, or when you are unsure about the actual quality of a quote, turn to us for reliable, credible information. Our family will treat you like family, guaranteed.

Get the Best Possible Results and Avoid Costly Issues With Our Polyaspartic Floor Coatings and Precision Installation Methods

High-traffic spaces demand high-performance coating systems. The Ohio Garage Interiors garage floor coating is a high quality, non-porous, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain surface.

Our polyaspartic floor coating cost incorporates the toughest materials suitable for garage floors, a polyaspartic top surface which we combine with a base epoxy floor coating. Because polyaspartic is an extremely durable hybrid polymer, it’s ideal for hot tires, household chemicals, spills, and more. In addition, we repair all concrete surfaces and then apply a layer of polyaspartic flooring that provides the best adhesion to concrete surfaces. Thus, our garage flooring coatings are four times stronger and more flexible than standard epoxy or natural stone epoxy blends.

Another key part of our use of polyaspartic is our installation process. Our polyaspartic garage floor installers take two days to complete the installation of your new garage floor. While many epoxy floor companies boast a single-day installation that is fast and efficient, don’t let this confuse you. A faster installation doesn’t just mean “better.” Our two-day installation process allots time for our polyaspartic garage flooring to bond with the concrete as strongly as possible, creating a solid foundation for the polyaspartic topcoat. Rather than rushing to finish the job, we let the base coat sit overnight to soak into the concrete pores before we apply the finishing touches. Our polyaspartic garage floor installers understand the patience and precision it takes to install quality garage floor coating near me that really lasts.

Price of Polyaspartic Garage Flooring

So what about the price? Many customers find themselves asking: What does the polyaspartic garage flooring cost? When hiring professional garage floor installers at OGI, the price tag will be higher than if you bought an epoxy floor kit from a hardware store. However, when you work with our team of polyaspartic garage floor installers, you’ll get a final product that is perfect on the first try, looks great, and lasts for decades. Residential customers get our polyaspartic floor coatings at $8.50 per square foot, but the pricing will vary depending on the garage flooring near me project. The larger the installation, the lower the price. If your project is over 600 square feet, you’ll get a 10% discount on the price of the garage flooring. The discounts rise from that rate:

  • Over 900 square feet – 15% discount on pricing
  • Over 1,200 square feet – 20% discount on pricing
  • Over 2,500 square feet – 25% discount on pricing

Our Price Versus Nature Stone Flooring Cost

You can easily find our pricing in our quotes and here on our homepage, but we are not the only ones who display pricing so readily. Natural stone price per square foot is a common comparison our customers tend to ask us about. On the initial inspection, our pricing seems to be much more higher than the 99 cents per square foot that natural stone costs. Why would there be such a big cost differential?

The fact is that many natural stone customers are simply not happy. Sometimes this lack of contentment begins during the quoting process, sometimes over the duration of the installation, and sometimes a couple of years after the installation has been completed. The unfortunate reality is the natural stone flooring cost does not incorporate or reflect the many natural stone problems customers run into.

The simple fact is working with Ohio Garage Interiors assures you an honest and thorough quote with no surprises or unexpected delays after the quote has been accepted.

Work With Our Polyaspartic Garage Floor Installers

When you choose to work with our team of polyaspartic garage floor installers, you’ll receive a number of benefits that simply don’t come with DIY projects, or working with other epoxy floor companies. First and foremost, our polyaspartic durable hybrid polymer material is known in the industry for its extreme resistance to all forms of wear and tear. But just because this material is tough, doesn’t mean you’ll spend hours with tricky maintenance and cleaning. In fact, our floors are easy to clean and maintain. All it takes is a bit of water and occasionally a clear ammonia cleaner to keep your garage flooring near me in top shape.

In addition to polyaspartic superior strength, this type of garage flooring also allows for customization. Ohio Garage Interiors believes in giving our customers the freedom to choose a style of garage that suits their taste and aesthetics. That’s why we use color systems like DecoFlake, a designer color flake system that lets you make your polyaspartic flooring exactly what you want it to be. DecoFlake is what it sounds like, design color flakes that are available in a range of colors, styles, blends, and sizes. All of these options can be designed to balance, complement, or accent your space how you desire. Customers love our polyaspartic floor coating near me for this exact reason — because it allows them to create the floor of their dreams that still lasts for a decade or longer.

There are a number of other benefits to polyaspartic garage flooring, especially when it’s installed by our team of garage floor installers. With every project we complete, you can expect high quality, outstanding customer service, and a level of customization you won’t get anywhere else. There is a reason we are among the top polyaspartic flooring companies near me.

In order to apply this long last garage floor coating near me, you need experts who know how to get the job done right. If you’ve been searching for garage floor installers who use the top materials and have decades of experience, Ohio Garage Interiors is the team for the job. Our tried-and-true garage flooring process and tough polyaspartic top coat will ensure you have a great experience with our garage floor company.

100% Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority.

Locally owned and operated in Northeast Ohio, our reputation is on the line with every project we complete. Our business has grown exponentially from happy customers referring us to their friends and families. Ohio Garage Interiors offers the highest quality service and installation of garage flooring and garage cabinets together with state-of-the-art technologies, processes, and material to ensure your garage looks like a showroom for many years to come.

We have decades of experience serving homeowners and commercial property owners with quality polyaspartic flooring. With Ohio Garage Interiors, you benefit from the grit and hard work of local polyaspartic garage floor installers that have an attention to detail no matter the project. Whether you’re looking to completely redo your floor or you want to add a touch of style to your space, our polyaspartic garage floor installers have got you covered. 

Why Work With Local Epoxy Garage Floor Installers?

If you’ve researched epoxy flooring, you’ve certainly read about popular DIY epoxy flooring solutions that promise to give you a long-lasting, customizable floor at a fraction of the price. While this may seem like a viable option as opposed to working with epoxy floor companies don’t let these advertisements fool you.

DIY epoxy flooring near me kits can be found at almost any major hardware store. They are an attractive alternative for those who want to save because the price tag comes at a significant discount compared to hiring professional epoxy garage floor installers. If you go to a hardware store and purchase an epoxy floor kit, chances are you will have to purchase tools separately. Epoxy floor kits may come with the materials needed to coat the floor, but unless you have a large inventory of tools for a specified job like this, expect to return to the store within a few days for more hardware.

First, you will need to purchase everything you will need to do the job yourself. That does not include the time you will need to invest, of course. Once you have all of the materials and tools to DIY garage flooring near me, you may find the final product to be lackluster. Unfortunately, epoxy flooring kits are not going to come with the level of quality materials that our polyaspartic garage floor installers use. A polyaspartic garage floor coating is one of the top materials on the market, and it’s not something you will find on just any shelf at your local store. In addition, the experience of floor coating companies is important. Our polyaspartic flooring company has been serving local Northeast Ohio residents for decades with quality that is simply unmatched. We’ve worked in different temperatures and with different types of concrete flooring, and we know how to adjust our processes accordingly. Even the quality of our tools and roller heads is top – notch because we purchase these items for the specific application of coating garage floors.

When you work with our team of local polyaspartic garage floor installers, you receive the quality that you simply won’t find when trying a DIY flooring solution, and you will have far fewer problems in the years to come . Our polyaspartic garage floor installers are eager to work with you to install a new and customized garage floor that really lasts.

Get the best Polyaspartic Floors Near Me

Ohio Garage Interiors only hires the best polyaspartic garage floor installers near me. We believe in the integrity and ability of our employees to serve customers with outstanding attention to detail and care. When you work with local polyaspartic floor companies, you’ll receive an unmatched level of service that you won’t find at large, chain floor coating companies.

Our polyaspartic garage floor installers have been serving Northeast Ohio for decades. Not only has this allowed us to form a strong community connection, but it’s also allowed us to adjust to the challenges of weather conditions. We are not afraid of rain, snow, and ice, because we are up to the challenge. In fact, our team of garage floor polyaspartic contractors can install garage floors in the winter if a customer has a heated garage space. So no matter the season, or the weather, our team of local, dedicated garage floor experts is here to help you.

How has OGI differentiated itself over the years? Local customer service is one reason, and the quality of our product is another. Polyaspartic garage floor cost may seem higher than our competitors at first, but when you consider that we have no fine print and that your flooring will look like new for at least 20 years, the cost is quite easy to rationalize.

Deciding to the take the step of repairing or renovating a garage floor is complex enough. The next step is to determine what company you will use, whether you will do it yourself, and how much you can actually allocate to a garage floor renovation project. Whether you are considering natural stone flooring cost or polyaspartic garage floor cost, the investment in your garage floor will not be unsubstantial.

Garage Flooring & Garage Cabinets | Dollar Bank Loan CenterOhio Garage Interiors refers its customers to the following quality lender for their financing. 
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Cost of Polyaspartic Garage Floor

If you are a homeowner trying to determine what your budget should be for a full garage renovation, you are probably finding that pinning down a specific cost for any facet of your project is difficult. Garage flooring estimates are not an exception. Determining the cost of replacing or restoring garage floors depends on the shape of the sub-flooring, how accessible the area is, and more. Nonetheless, you will find that some companies, especially natural stone floor companies, will promise low costs per square foot. How does the pricing really shake out?

Simply based on the cost of materials alone, our polyaspartic flooring solution appears to be the “middle of the road” option. However, as every DIY weekend warrior knows, a home renovation project is always about more than the materials. The cost for prepping the floor needs to be calculated into the total budget, and that can be very time and labor intensive. Moreover, if the garage is extremely large, that can impact pricing, or, alternatively, if it is very small and hard to work in, that can also impact cost. 

While we can offer estimates for how much our flooring will cost per square foot, we tend to prefer waiting until we have had a chance to review the space in person. That way, we can address all possible concerns on the front end and include all of those scenarios in our quoting process. This may mean that sometimes our polyaspartic garage flooring quote is higher than our competitors on the front end. However, we pride ourselves on staying true that initial quote, and there is no fine print that will take our customers by surprise later.

The best way to get a quote from us for your garage flooring renovation is to contact us for a free consultation. We then will be able to put together a customized quote specifically for your space. Contact us today!

Car parked in garage with epoxy garage flooring | Garage flooring idea book

Garage Flooring Idea Book

View our E-Brochure and let us help you enhance your garage. Garage flooring provided by OGI, and garage cabinets provided by our partners.

Honesty and Trustworthiness

At OGI we add transparency to this list. We acknowledge openly that our quotes will not necessarily beat the prices of your competitors. Different types of epoxy materials can vary widely in prices. The amount of workers contractors will assign to your project also can vary widely. What we ensure is that we are always transparent about our garage floor resurfacing costs. We do this through our detailed audit of your specific site and by customizing our quote to your exact pricing. We will not promise that our cost per square foot is the cheapest. We will be honest about factors in your garage that might cause delays or added expense. For example, if your garage is not easily accessible, it will take us longer to unload and prepare our equipment and materials. Once we hand a customer our quote, however, we hold to it. We do not believe in fine print or surprise expenses after a project has been completed.

A Good Reputation

Especially in this age of social media, where reviews are easier than ever to find, people want to work with a company that has a stellar reputation. This is another checkbox we are pleased to say we check. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you can see real-time reviews we are receiving on Facebook. You can also find positive reviews of our services on our Google Business Profile. Just put our name into Google. More than individual reviews, however, you can look at how long we have been privileged to serve Ohio. Locally-operated and family-owned businesses only thrive if they do good work. Here we are.


From our branded trucks to our team members who are 100% OGI-employed, OGI does not look at our work as just another garage floor resurface. We look to exceed customer service expectations on every project we take on.

Effective Communications

One of the more common complaints people have about garage floor epoxy contractors and garage epoxy floor installers is they don’t know where their project stands at any given time. OGI understands that garage floor contractors need to communicate constantly from the quoting process until the project is ready to be reviewed by the homeowner. Our customers are always 100% aware of how we are progressing, and if there are going to be any delays for an unexpected reason, we notify our customers immediately.


Finally, there is the value of what we do, which simply exceeds what other garage floor epoxy installers can achieve. While epoxy garage flooring costs may at first glance look less expensive than our initial quote, an epoxy garage floor simply will not last as long as our polyaspartic solution. Our floors are easy to clean, easy to maintain, they can withstand moisture, high traffic, and temperature changes, and they are not negatively impacted by UV rays. While garage floor contractors may try to tell you that their regular epoxy coating can match our quality, there are numerous reviews across the internet indicating otherwise. All of this is in addition to the beautiful aesthetic our flooring will create in your updated garage or new living space.

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