How to Get Your Garage Graduation Party-Ready

Having a party at your home is an exciting – if not intimidating – time. While you are certainly looking forward to welcoming friends and family to your house to celebrate a graduation or another event, worries about where everyone will hang out might be in the back of your mind. Is the inside of your house big enough for all of these guests? Will the weather cooperate so you can go outside?

Utilizing your garage as a party space is a perfect solution to these issues. With a bit of organizing and clean-up, you can have an additional space that is protected from the elements but can also be opened up to let in fresh air and natural light. As your party date draws closer, give strong consideration to the possibility of using your garage as the hub of activity for all of your guests.

It Starts with Cleaning and Organizing

Cleaning out garage

If you are going to use your garage for a graduation party, you’ll first need to clean it up. Many garages are filled with clutter that doesn’t have a spot inside of the house, and yours will need to be very clean if it is going to work for a party. Fortunately, this is usually a pretty easy task once you get started and begin sorting through your things.

In fact, this is a great opportunity to get rid of some things that you no longer need or want. Take a fresh look at everything in the garage and set aside items that you can either donate, sell, or throw away. By cutting down on your possessions and putting what’s left in boxes and bins, you might suddenly find that your garage floor is clear and ready for a gathering.

If you, like many other homeowners, use your garage for storage and want to continue doing so in an organized way, cabinetry is the way to go. It gives you a sense of “everything in its place” while also concealing all of your stuff that you don’t need guests to see.

Address the Issues from the Ground Up

Most likely, your current garage floor is a bare slab of concrete. That’s fine, but it’s not very visually attractive, and might even be a little slippery. By adding a polyaspartic garage floor from OGI, you can bring the space to life and give it a fresh look and feel in just a matter of days. With a clean and attractive floor in place, you can open up the possibilities for how to enjoy your garage more than you ever thought possible. A polyaspartic floor can help turn your garage into an extension of your house, a place where you can host parties, get in your daily workouts, send the kids to play, or work on projects.

Dress Up Your Garage-Turned-Event-Center

With your cleaning done and perhaps a new floor in place, the next step will be to figure out how the garage is going to be staged for your party. Will you need a couple of tables to put out food and decorations? Do you want to have some chairs in the space for people to relax and hang out?

As a general rule of thumb, you want to leave as much floor space open as possible, while still having table space to put food and drinks, among other things. People tend to mill around at parties more than sit still, so keeping the staging minimal and allowing plenty of space to walk around and talk to others is the way to go.

And at the end of the day, a party isn’t a party without some festive decorations. The good news is, with a clean garage that feels brand new, you’ll have no qualms about putting out nice decorations in a space you once deemed useful for parking and storage only.

We’d Love to Help!

Upgrading your garage floor or adding new cabinetry for storage with the help of Ohio Garage Interiors is one of the best ways to get your space ready to host friends and family for a big event. The best part? Long after the party has ended, you’ll be left with a beautiful, durable floor perfect for whatever uses you have in mind.

Graduation parties are already underway this summer, but the possibilities don’t end there. We can help you transform your garage into a useful space for any event or gathering at your home. Contact our team today to get started!