Garage Renovation Companies Near Me | What Should They Offer?

New Year, New You… New Garage

We’re at the beginning of a New Year again and that means resolutions on top of resolutions.  Some of the most common self-promises include something along the lines of “I’m going to work out more” or “I’m going to become more organized.”  Well, Ohio Garage Interiors has two pieces of good news for you.

  1. Our specialty just so happens to be organization… Interior garage organization to be exact.
  2. Okay, so maybe we can’t work you out.  But we can create a beautiful and spaciously designed garage where you can do whatever you so desire, including jumpstart your workout routine!

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The Keys to Garage Renovation

A successful garage renovation revolves around three key components.  These power players include garage cabinets, garage organization systems, and garage flooring.  This powerful combination has been perfected by the Ohio Garage Interior Company. Our design team has been crafting garage interior renovations that are both durable, efficient, and very easy on the eyes. We’re here to tell you about the top considerations when it comes to your next garage renovation.

Garage Cabinets

Creating the right cabinet layout for your garage interiorGarage after being renovated by garage renovation companies is one of the most crucial, but also one of the most exciting parts of designing your dream garage. At OGI, we offer a wide range of cabinetry options that include a diverse selection of our signature laminates as well as hardware and countertops. 

Our team at OGI knows that you’re not like everyone else, so why have a garage like everyone else?  In addition to our laminates and countertops, we offer design customization and add-ons. From lockers and bar tops to workbenches and lighting, our team creates a masterful design to best foster your livelihood. 

Organization Solutions

Garage organization solutions allow you to truly utilize your garage by maximizing your garage storage and getting organized. Garage organization possibilities include various hangers, wall racks, and shelving options.

OGI offers high-quality lines of efficient solutions that include Silver Track wall systems, Storewall Wall systems, biking storage options, and Safe Rack overhead racks. Storing and finding your tools, sporting equipment, bicycles, and gardening tools just got that much easier.

Epoxy Garage Flooring
Organic Mica Garage Flooring

Last but not least, we can’t forget that this is a garage that we’re dealing with.  Meaning, there will be beautiful cabinets and state-of-the-art storage, but there will also be a 2,000-pound vehicle sleeping there overnight. So, to top off the triple threat of garage interiors, one must not forget the epoxy hybrid flooring installation. OGI uses a powerful combination of epoxy and a hybrid polymer that is four times stronger and more flexible than your average epoxy flooring.

When it comes to concrete garage flooring, you want something durable and easy to maintain.  OGI’s high-quality floor coating is stain resistant, non-porous, and permanently bonds to the cement for optimal protection against wear and tear.  

Let’s not forget that the flooring is also going to tie the whole look of the garage together, giving you the renovation you envisioned.  With countless options that include Deco Flakes, Organic Mica, Metalic Series, and Flex Tile, the color combinations are endless. Get creative with it!

Let’s Get Started

Now you know what you’re looking for and, conveniently enough, you also know where to find it.  Ohio Interior Garages has worked diligently to build a name for ourselves. Based out of Strongsville, Ohio, our passion is designing and creating custom garage interiors.  We love getting to see the excitement and impact we have when we nail the perfect design for our customers. One of our 2019 Resolutions is spread more of that joy and by doing so, we just might be able to help you reach your resolution too!

Garage Cabinets from Garage Renovation Companies Near Me