Is Your Garage Scary? OGI Can Help With Garage Floor Refinishing.

If you’re like most homeowners with a house that is more than a few years old, your garage floor might look a little … scary. Oil stains, gasoline spills, cracks, maybe even pits or large areas of spalling (erosion): all of these not only add up to an unsightly appearance but also set the stage for even worse damage if left unaddressed. Garage floor refinishing from Ohio Garage Interiors can halt the damage, protect your floor, and give you a garage flooring surface you’ll be happy to come home to.

Garage Floor Refinishing: An Upgrade from Concrete

While a concrete garage floor might look and perform well for a few years, invariably concrete succumbs to wear and tear, especially in a garage that sees a lot of use. Concrete absorbs moisture, and Ohio’s temperature extremes and freeze-thaw cycles cause the concrete to expand and contract, which leads to cracks and pitting. Road salt, motor oil, hot tires, dropped tools, and household chemicals also take their toll, and over time your garage floor will become worse for wear.

Damaged Concrete Flooring in need of garage floor refinishing

Ohio Garage Interiors believes that you deserve a garage floor that stands up to heavy use and looks great year after year. We have been in the garage floor refinishing business for more than 15 years, installing highly durable and gorgeous polyaspartic polyurea flooring in garages (as well as basements and other residential and commercial spaces) across Ohio.

Unbeatable Performance

How do you use your garage? Is it simply a place to protect your cars from the elements? Does it hold your yard tools and outdoor toys? Or are you a hobbyist who spends their spare time woodworking or fixing up vintage autos? Whatever you do with the space, a new garage floor from Ohio Garage Interiors is a good idea.

For garage floor refinishing, we utilize a high-quality polyaspartic polyurea. Polyaspartic flooring is different from an epoxy garage floor coating, which is popular for DIY projects. While epoxies are prone to yellowing and peeling after a few years, our floors far outlast the epoxy garage floor lifespan. When installed correctly, a polyaspartic garage floor will last for decades. This is why we are able to confidently offer our customers a 20-year warranty on our garage floors.

Polyaspartic Coating vs. Epoxy

Polyaspartic coating is the leading product in the garage flooring marketplace. It owes its superiority, in part, to its adhesive properties, which give it the ability to permanently bond with the existing concrete floor. Our topcoat of scientifically formulated polyaspartic polyurea dries to a hardness that is both flexible and allows it to resist damage and stains better than epoxy coatings. OGI garage floor refinishing provides a floor that can stand up to household chemicals, motor oil, gasoline, impacts, moisture, abrasions, and more. Epoxy simply can’t match the strength of polyaspartic polyurea.

epoxy garage floor lifespan

Our installation process is another reason OGI can guarantee our polyaspartic floors for 20 years. While similar services promise one-day installation of a new garage floor, we take two. It begins with preparing the concrete surface. Whether your garage floor is new or old, we mechanically “rough up” its concrete using diamond tooling on a commercial grinder. While some contractors use acid to prepare the surface, grinding has proven to be better. It is considered an industry best practice because it allows the base coat to deeply penetrate and adhere to the concrete. After applying the base coat, we allow it to cure overnight. While some of our competitors might wait only until the base coat is dry, industry research shows that overnight curing produces the strongest bond with the concrete and results in a longer-lasting floor.

A Floor You’ll Love

OGI’s polyaspartic garage floors are available in a variety of solid colors. We also offer dozens of DecoFlake options. These designer color flakes are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles to create everything from subtle, organic-looking stone effects to bold, bright patterns. If you want to create a true showroom for your car collection, we even offer terrazzo and mica finishes that sparkle under your garage lights.