Retail Store Flooring | How Your Floor Can Get Customers to Spend More

Produce section of a grocery storeThe goal of a retail store is to make customers want to spend their money. Ideally, a store’s design not only facilitates shopping for the necessities but also encourages customers to leave with more than they intended. Many design choices can convince customers to spend more like shelf organization, 2-for-1 deals, color coding, and atmosphere, but the flooring, in particular, takes on several roles that improve the overall consumer experience.

Next time you visit your favorite retail or grocery store, take notice of what flooring they have. You have probably been shopping on epoxy flooring this whole time without realizing it. So, what makes epoxy so special? Durability, sustainability, safety, cleanability, and design are important for any store floor, and epoxy flooring succeeds in offering a full range of benefits.

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Cleanup on Aisle 4 | Safer, Cleaner Flooring

Anyone who has worked in a retail or grocery store has had to handle their fair share of spills and messes. When spills are bound to happen multiple times per day, having a floor that is easy to clean can do wonders for productivity.

If your store sells food products, a clean floor can help increase sales and prevent unnecessary inventory losses. Someone will eventually drop a fruit or a vegetable on the floor, and if the floor looks dirty, they are unlikely to go through with purchasing it. Concrete and tile have a bad habit of absorbing spills, resulting in dirt and bacteria buildup and potentially lost sales.

Polyaspartic epoxy flooring is not absorbent like concrete, so it maintains a glossy sheen after numerous spills. With an anti-microbial surface, epoxy flooring creates a seamless surface that offers exceptional resistance to chemicals. This means you can use strong cleaning solutions without your flooring breaking down.

Germs are certainly a health hazard for customers, but a wet floor also poses many risks. Even if you mop up a spill, it still takes time to dry before it stops being slippery. Of course, you should notify customers with a wet floor sign, but an epoxy floor offers some extra protection. OGI epoxy flooring has aluminum oxide scattered throughout the top coat, creating a non-slip surface even in the event of a spill. Polyaspartic epoxy flooring is the ideal way to keep both employees and customers safe.

Attractive Design Options to Keep Them Shopping

Custom epoxy flooring designA clean, non-slip floor will make your customers feel more comfortable shopping in your store, but if the design is unpleasant, it could make your customers leave sooner. Basic surfaces like concrete are boring and fail to engage customers. Polyaspartic epoxy flooring offers a wide range of design options to personalize your flooring and make your flooring an extension of your store’s interior design.

Here at OGI, we encourage our customers to get creative with their flooring design, so they have complete control over the final product. With our DecoFlake system, you can choose from a variety of flake configurations and colors to make your flooring pop, and make your store a more cohesive visual experience.

No Scratches, Scuffs, or Wear and Tear

Retail stores have to deal with immense foot traffic as well as traffic from carts. Without proper protection, this will wreak havoc on your floors, creating scratches and dents all over the surface. Your floor needs to be able to handle regular drops from heavier items and the corrosive chemicals used to clean up messes in every aisle.

Moisture damage is also a potential threat to your flooring. If left unchecked, it can cause warping and the buildup of mold and mildew. Materials like concrete and tile simply cannot handle the daily pressures of a store environment. When they break down, they can create tripping hazards for everyone in the store and increase the likelihood of bacteria and mold formation.

OGI flooring uses a material called polyaspartic polyurea. Installing this flooring creates an impermeable surface on top of the underlying concrete. This prevents all sorts of materials from penetrating the surface including dirt, dust, chemicals, moisture, and more. It is also resistant to heavy impacts, cracking, and scratching, so maintaining defect-free flooring is easier than ever.

Defect-Free Installation That Last for Years

If you need to install new flooring in your retail store, you should always contact a professional. DIY is a popular choice among homeowners, but if you want a truly precise installation with high-quality materials, polyaspartic epoxy flooring from a proven contractor is the way to go.

OGI puts a focus on precision with every flooring installation. While other companies rush their projects with one-day installations, we work to ensure you receive completely defect-free flooring. Our two-day installation process allows our basecoat to cure and bond with the concrete overnight, and our topcoat only takes 24 hours to settle. So, you will have a fully functional, seamless floor within 48 hours after the project begins.

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