What is the Best Flooring for the Average Locker Room?

Person Entering Locker RoomLocker rooms are the beginning and end of a day of hard work. They are a place for focused preparation or winding down after a workout or a hard-fought football match. The floor is probably the last thing you think of after lifting weights, but it plays a critical role in creating a pleasant locker room experience. Whether you just grab your stuff and leave or jump in the shower for a quick cleanup, the flooring has an active effect on your safety and comfort.

So, what is the best flooring for your locker room? There are countless options to choose from: tile, stone, and even just plain concrete, but we believe one option stands out from the rest.

Here at OGI, we offer flooring solutions with high-quality materials that are ideal for numerous applications. Polyaspartic polyurea is the active material in our flooring, and it is one of the strongest flooring options available. With a high-strength, antimicrobial surface, it outperforms other flooring materials with ease.

But what sets epoxy flooring apart from basic concrete or a colorful tile option?

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Safer Cleaning In and Out of the Shower

white showerIf you regularly shower in your gym’s locker room, there is a chance you have nearly slipped and fallen flat on your back. When water and soap coat a concrete or tile floor, walking around becomes extremely dangerous. This puts not only patrons and employees at risk but also the gym as a whole. Extra slippery flooring poses the risk of serious injury, which can result in extensive worker’s compensation or even legal action from customers.

OGI’s polyaspartic epoxy floor coatings help ensure the safety of everyone in the locker room with a high-traction, non-slip surface. We use a material called aluminum oxide, scattering it across the floor. This makes the floor’s surface slightly grittier and provides a foothold even in the presence of soap and water, so you can exit the shower or clean the floor without worrying about a sudden fall.

Makes the Locker Room Look and Feel Cleaner

Woman looking through an open lockerIf your locker room makes people want to wear flip-flops in your showers, your flooring is not doing its job. Of course, locker rooms are not known to be the cleanest places on Earth, but anything you can do to create a more hygienic environment will be to everyone’s benefit.

Bare concrete and tile floors are infamous for absorbing foreign materials into their surfaces. The grout in tile flooring is particularly susceptible to bacteria, and with several people dropping dirty clothes and taking showers, tile flooring becomes a hotbed for germs. If left unchecked, this will give the entire locker room an unpleasant, mildew smell.

Polyaspartic epoxy flooring does not have nooks and crannies for bacteria to seep into. Our installation process creates a flat, seamless floor, leaving no room for germs to make their home. Polyaspartic coatings also have an antimicrobial surface that is resistant to corrosive chemicals, so you can use the toughest products to kill any bacteria and keep your locker room squeaky clean.

Will Not Crack Under Pressure

Locker rooms in busy gyms experience heavy amounts of foot traffic all throughout the day. The hot water and soap chemicals from the showers can also wear down lower quality floors. Your locker room floor needs to be able to take a beating for long periods of time without wearing down, especially in a 24-hour gym situation.

While the locker room does not encounter heavy impacts from dumbbells and the like, hot water, backpacks, and even dropped keys can do significant damage over time. Moisture is also a natural enemy of porous flooring materials, as it can cause serious structural defects like warping. With patrons consistently taking showers, moisture is a constant presence in virtually every locker room.

Materials like concrete and tile will begin showing signs of cracking and scratching within months after installation under this near-constant pressure. These damages can create tripping hazards and various homes for mildew and bacteria buildup, making for a less safe and hygienic environment.

Polyaspartic epoxy forms a completely impermeable surface. This means that impacts, dirt, corrosive chemicals, and moisture cannot penetrate the surface, so your flooring is seamless and defect-free at all times. With our team of expert flooring installation contractors, installing the ideal, high-performance flooring for your locker room has never been easier.

Thorough Installation with Endless Design Options

Custom Locker Room Epoxy FlooringWhen installing epoxy flooring, you need the expertise of proven professionals in the flooring industry. DIY is certainly an option, but low-quality materials and imprecise installation methods will only guarantee defects and several other issues.

OGI emphasizes efficiency yet thoroughness with a high-precision, two-day installation process. Our basecoat just needs to cure overnight, and we apply the topcoat the very next day. Within 24 hours after topcoat application, your flooring will be complete and ready to use.

Another advantage of choosing OGI flooring is our wide variety of design options. Polyaspartic epoxy is fully customizable with an endless array of choices through our DecoFlake system. Even nationally renowned gyms like Planet Fitness use epoxy floors to give their locker rooms a unique look. We want you to be confident in your new flooring before you even install it, so we encourage our customers to get creative and pick out the ideal style for their locker room.

If you are unsure if polyaspartic epoxy flooring is right for your locker rooms, feel free to schedule a free inspection with us. One of our professional contractors can visit your location to inspect your current flooring, provide a free quote, and discuss potential design options. OGI is equipped to install flooring at any time of the year, so do not hesitate to give us a call and start working on your next project!

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