Take Your Concrete Garage Floor to the Next Level with Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Are you tired of having a boring, grey concrete garage floor? Do you want your garage to become an extension of your home’s interior design? Epoxy flooring is the best solution for you!

Epoxy flooring is useful in a wide range of applications such as commercial kitchens, industrial facilities, and garages. These materials are an immediate upgrade for any garage floor, offering superior protection with an appealing aesthetic.

But what are the core issues with just having a regular concrete floor? What does epoxy do that concrete does not?

Concrete Can’t Do It Alone

Damaged Concrete Garage FloorConcrete is the tried and true material for garage flooring. While there is certainly nothing wrong with a concrete garage floor, it will not stay in pristine condition for long without some extra help.

Most notably, concrete is both rigid and inflexible, so cracking is inevitable. Cracks do not often pose any serious structural risks. However, it can be annoying to look at your garage floor and see cracks running through it.

One of the main causes of cracking for concrete garage floors is the weather. In places like Ohio, temperature and humidity fluctuate intensely on a regular basis. These changes make the concrete expand and contract. This not only creates cracks but also allows moisture to make its way into the substrate.

Colder weather also introduces thaw cycles. This is a process through which water infiltrates the concrete, freezes, expands, and makes existing cracks worse. Thaw cycles are also responsible for spalling, which makes the concrete flake and break apart.

If you have noticed some minor cracking in your floor, do not panic. These are likely cosmetic cracks that can be corrected with some crack filler from the hardware store. On the other hand, structural cracks that cause the concrete to rise above the rest of the floor may require professional repair.

But if you want to prevent cracks and other damages from occurring in the future, epoxy flooring is the best solution.

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What Does Epoxy Flooring Do Better Than Concrete?

Concrete is a reliable material, but without protection, it is bound to break down. Thankfully, your current concrete floor will serve as a sturdy foundation for epoxy coatings. Epoxy coatings do what concrete cannot by offering exceptional protection along with a wider range of design options and other advantages.

Cleaner Floor, Cleaner Garage

Shiny epoxy garage floor with light reflections

Concrete’s natural porosity allows it to absorb whatever materials happen to land on the surface. Whether water, oils, gases, dirt, stains, or chemicals, bare concrete will soak it up. So, your floor will require more frequent, intensive cleaning.

Bare concrete also makes the rest of your garage dirtier! With all the foot and vehicle traffic, concrete dust will spread throughout the space. An epoxy floor will completely seal the concrete, so the dust cannot escape. As a result, your floor and your garage stay cleaner for longer.

Additionally, OGI’s epoxy flooring installation process involves applying aluminum oxide to the topcoat. This will give your garage floor much more traction, preventing slipping during inclement weather or when you are cleaning.

Wear and Tear is No Match for Epoxy

OGI’s epoxy flooring materials consist of polyaspartic polyurea. This is one of the most advanced epoxy materials on the market, offering superior protection against a full range of environmental factors. Whether dirt, dust, mold, mildew, flooding, heavy impacts, road salts, or corrosive chemicals, OGI epoxy flooring will not break down.

OGI epoxy also does not yellow over time like other epoxy products. So, your new floor will maintain a visually stunning finish for longer with minimal maintenance. If you want a floor that looks great but does not require constant maintenance and repairs, epoxy flooring is perfect for you.

An Impenetrable Surface to Keep Moisture Out

Moisture is one of concrete’s arch-nemeses, and with Ohio’s humidity, it is a constant threat. Issues like mold and mildew can develop quickly if moisture gets trapped under the surface. Furthermore, if left untreated, the long-term damage may require a complete overhaul of your floor to resolve.

A polyaspartic epoxy topcoat makes moisture damage a thing of the past. With complete impermeability, polyaspartic epoxy acts as a reliable moisture barrier. This keeps the moisture out for good, so you no longer have to worry about severe damage from something you cannot see.

Fills in the Cracks with a Dazzling Finish

Finished epoxy garage floorEpoxy is the ideal solution for fixing minor imperfections while giving your floor a new look. Not only does polyaspartic epoxy offer superior strength, but it also includes a crack filler compound. As a result, it repairs the floor during application, ensuring a defect-free surface.

Epoxy flooring is also uniquely customizable. Your garage is an extension of your home, so going to and from your garage should be a seamless transition. With OGI epoxy, you can select a look that best suits your home and your sense of style. Choose from a full range of decorative flake colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns to get creative with your new floor!

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