4 Reasons to Add Epoxy Flooring to Your Basement

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Finished Epoxy Basement Flooring

Are you looking to install high-quality basement flooring in Ohio? Ohio Garage Interiors is a leading provider of basement flooring solutions for home and business owners. In fact, our epoxy basement flooring offers the highest protection for concrete surfaces. Furthermore, we can tailor our basement flooring solutions to best suit your unique home, ensuring you get the most value out of your project.

What is epoxy basement flooring?

Epoxy basement flooring contains various polymers that create extremely strong surfaces once they settle. If you are looking for durability for your new basement flooring, epoxy basement flooring is perfect for you. In fact, this is the ideal option for sealing and protecting concrete flooring in Ohio.

Most notably, epoxy coatings are capable of withstanding various forms of wear and tear for years at a time. OGI epoxy floor coatings consist of polyaspartic polyurea, ensuring the utmost protection. Whether heavy impacts or corrosive chemicals, epoxy basement flooring will protect the underlying substrate from incoming damage. As a result, your flooring will look better and last longer without the need for frequent repairs and maintenance.

OGI basement flooring offers more than just protection, however. OGI epoxy basement flooring offers a wide variety of advantages you will not find with standard flooring options found in hardware and home improvement stores. Read below to learn more about the many advantages of choosing epoxy for your basement floor:

4 reasons to add epoxy flooring to your basement

1. Superior moisture protection

Epoxy basement floor coatings function as a moisture barrier that protects concrete basement floors from moisture. Moisture damage is one of the most common forms of damage for Ohio basement floors. Issues like flooding, mold, and mildew can cause nearly irreparable damage and often lead to full floor replacements. Therefore, it is crucial to proactively protect your flooring from incoming moisture.

Additionally, epoxy is not susceptible to deformation and warping like wood surfaces. In fact, epoxy floor coating systems will maintain their shape for years once they settle into the concrete. So, you will not have to constantly stress about the moisture levels and ventilation in your basement like you would with hardwood floors.

2. Epoxy basement flooring is easier to clean

Cleaning is always a concern when deciding upon flooring in your home. Flooring that soaks up stains can other debris require rigorous, frequent cleaning that will have you spending more money over time. With epoxy, however, you can make cleaning much less of a chore.

Epoxy floor coatings prevent dirt, dust, water, and stains from penetrating the flooring, so they can more easily be mopped or vacuumed. Furthermore, epoxy flooring makes cleaning safer. OGI epoxy floor coatings are slip-resistant, so you do not have to worry about falling while you are trying to clean your floor. Most importantly, the minimal maintenance requirements mean your new floor keeps its visually stunning finish with half the effort.

3. Exceptional strength, durability, and longevity

Most homeowners are looking for basement flooring that offers the highest levels of durability with long lifespans. First and foremost, you want flooring that will not start showing signs of wear and defects only a year or two after its installation. Many of our customers come to us after their new floor has begun peeling or cracking despite paying for products that were supposedly “high-strength.” So, we take pride in providing Ohio homeowners with superior epoxy flooring solutions that last for years after installation without frequent maintenance.

4. Give your basement flooring a visually stunning style that suits your home

Epoxy basement flooring offers a wide variety of advantages that are difficult to match. In addition to practicality and protection, epoxy floor coatings also offer the advantage of beautiful, customizable finishes. Most homeowners have a particular vision for the style of their home, so we work closely with each client to ensure we develop the ideal aesthetic for their new floor. Whether you want bright colors that match your vibrantly painted walls or a more steely, sleek look, OGI has you covered.

In fact, we give our customers the opportunity to get creative with their new flooring with a variety of customizable options. Our unique DecoFlake flooring offers a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns for decorative flakes. So, you have full control over the style of your new basement flooring. Here at OGI, we take the time to discuss your basement floor ideas with you, so we can get a full understanding of what you are looking for and give you the best final product possible.

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