Garage Conversion To Family Room

Garage Conversion To Family Room Ideas

If the current housing market has quashed your hopes of finding a home with more living space, it is a great time to consider converting your garage into a family room. This is a big decision and a big undertaking, but you do not have to undertake the whole project by yourself. There are plenty of contractors who can help with different facets of the room conversion, including an epoxy flooring company near me whose site you are on right now! Here are some steps and considerations as you begin to plan your new family space.

Are you in the zone?

According to Forbes Magazine, you need to check zoning before expanding your living space, even if you are not going to be renting it out or making money off the expansion. Even though this can be a time-consuming process, or at least it can seem time-consuming when you are rearing to go, it is much better to confirm you are in the clear to make your changes before you needlessly invest a lot of money. Municipalities sometimes require that a designated living space needs to have at least one window, so you will want to consider whether you will need to add a window before proceeding with more interior design projects.

Temperature, Electricity, and Plumbing

It is very important to consider everything you want to get out of your new living space. If you want a place where people can go to the restroom nearby, that means you are going to have to allow for plumbing. If your garage is not insulated, that will be a consideration you will want to deal with before doing any interior design. Is your existing HVAC system able to handle a whole extra room? These steps are not the fun part of converting your garage into a living space, but they are extremely important, and you will not want to go back for these details after your project has progressed.

Where is your car going to go?

This may seem obvious, but sometimes people are so excited they do not think as clearly as they usually do. If you are converting your garage into a family room, you probably will not want your car parked there. Do you have a covered shelter where it can be protected from the elements? Is there street parking? If there is not an alternative spot for your vehicle, that is a pretty strong argument against entirely rededicating the use of your garage space.

The garage floor for converting garage to family room

garage conversion to family roomMore than likely, your garage floor is not quite ready to be part of a family space. Perhaps you have the same oil-stained and cracked concrete floor you’ve always had in the garage. Perhaps you have an epoxy coating that has cracked or faded because your last experience with garage floor installers near me did not go so well. Alternatively, maybe it’s just time for a new look. Flooring is one of the last things to be installed in a new space, but it’s one of the first things homeowners think about. The look of a floor goes a long way toward determining the look of an entire space.

One of the first things you should do is call us. One of the reasons we have earned the reputation for being the best epoxy garage floor installers near me is we are always thorough in our initial analysis of a space. As notes, if your flooring is already completely flat, that makes the flooring installation easier. When we come out to view your space, we will be able to tell you quickly if the preparation is going to be complex and/or time-consuming. A non-professional will not always be able to ascertain how much needs to be done before new flooring is added.

Especially if you are planning on family movie nights with popcorn and soda in your new space, choosing OGI makes a lot of sense. Unlike other epoxy garage floor installers near me, we use a polyaspartic epoxy coating that is impervious to spills, weather, foot traffic, and paw traffic. Your floor will look like new for a long time.

Garage storage

Although you are converting your garage into a more comfortable living space, you still may need to continue to use it for storing holiday gear, tools, and other sundries. That does not mean the storage solution has to be unattractive, however. In fact, not only is OGI a garage flooring expert, we can also help you install attractive new cabinets into your converted space.

Don’t forget entering and exiting

You want to include doors in your conversion planning. Instead of a regular-looking external garage door, you might want to work with a contractor to create something more attractive and more blended with the rest of the home. Similarly, on the interior, you might want a sliding door or a folding door instead of a plain door that simply separates your garage from the rest of the home. You might not even want an interior door at all!

We hope this has given you some helpful tips and inspiration for converting your garage into a cozy family room. Don’t forget, you don’t need to search for garage floor coating contractors near me. You’re already on the site of the best one. Family-owned, locally operated, OGI is ready to help turn your garage into your dream space.

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