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If you are looking for the best basement flooring options in your area, look no further than Ohio Garage Interiors. We are a leading provider of garage and basement flooring installation services throughout Ohio. Most notably, our high-strength epoxy coatings offer the best protection of any basement flooring options on the market. So, your new flooring will have the ultimate defense against nearly all forms of wear and tear.

Our epoxy flooring offers much more than just concrete floor protection, however. OGI epoxy basement flooring is also easy to clean and slip-resistant with a wide variety of customizable design options. So, you can install new basement flooring that is tailored to your specific sense of style. Most importantly, OGI basement flooring epoxy ensures your floor will look better, last longer, and require less maintenance than other basement flooring options.

Another advantage of hiring professional contractors is the attentive, friendly service you receive from industry-leading experts. Our staff of flooring installation specialists will analyze your basement flooring and determine the best course of action for implementing your new system. We also use the highest quality flooring materials available when installing basement flooring. So, we can more consistently deliver fully functional, defect-free flooring with a beautiful aesthetic.

Additionally, we offer adaptable scheduling and affordable pricing, so we can work within your time and budget constraints.

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What Are My Basement Flooring Options?

When it comes to basement flooring options, Ohio Garage Interiors offers a range of colors and styles to choose from. Just because our floors are durable, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. We have completed hundreds of epoxy basement floors that have been customized to fit our customers needs.

For epoxy basement floor ideas, consider what you want from your basement. Is it a work space where you complete DIY/home projects? If so, you may opt for a more classic basement floor. Or, do you like your basement to be a space for entertaining guests? Maybe you have a bar area, or different games for visitors and family to enjoy. If that’s the case, you might add a touch of style to your basement with some of our basement flooring options. From practical use, to colorful flooring, we have a range of epoxy basement floor ideas.

Avoid deceptively affordable basement flooring options

Choosing the best basement flooring options for your home can be a difficult task, especially with the litany of different types of flooring on the market. However, we can help narrow down the search. Here are a couple of deceptively affordable flooring choices you should definitely avoid:

Natural Stone Flooring | Flooring Options to Avoid

Stone & epoxy flooring

Stone and epoxy flooring is an especially popular choice among Ohio homeowners who are looking for a more affordable flooring option. However, stone and epoxy flooring includes many hidden issues that inevitably result in costly repairs and maintenance you could avoid with higher quality products.

Most notably, this type of flooring is incredibly vulnerable to many forms of wear and tear. So, it requires more frequent, expensive maintenance, requiring you to spend even more money than you initially thought. Many stone and epoxy flooring companies will also void your warranty if you do not pay for annual maintenance through them. Therefore, we strongly recommend you avoid installing this type of flooring in your basement.

DIY flooring kits

This is another common choice for basement flooring installations in Ohio. You can find these DIY kits in almost any hardware or home improvement store with markedly lower pricing than other basement flooring options in your area. Although this low pricing seems like an advantage, you will actually receive low-quality flooring that offers little to no protection for your concrete slab.

Homeowners tend to choose DIY to cut out the middleman and reduce their material costs. However, DIY flooring will do anything but save you money. In fact, this flooring will form various defects quickly after installation, requiring frequent and costly maintenance. In some cases, you may have to repurchase and reapply these products despite having bought them earlier in the year.

When you choose OGI, however, you can install flooring with superior strength. So, you can avoid the costly repairs and maintenance associated with lower quality basement flooring options.

5 reasons to choose OGI polyaspartic flooring

Hiring professional basement flooring contractors seems expensive initially, but OGI can give you more value for your dollar than low-cost basement flooring options like DIY and stone and epoxy flooring. Most notably, our polyaspartic offers superior abrasion resistance as well as protection from many different forms of wear and tear. As a result, your flooring lasts longer and looks better without the frequent maintenance associated with other products.

Here are some reasons why epoxy is one of the best basement flooring options on the market:

Exceptional protection from moisture damage:

We encounter moisture issues more often than anything else when repairing Ohio basement flooring. Flooding, mold, and mildew can result in extreme damages to the concrete floor and may require a complete flooring replacement to repair. Thus, we have created basement floor epoxy coatings with unparalleled moisture protection. So, you will no longer have to worry about moisture damage or the costly defects it can cause.
Epoxy is easier and safer to clean:

Our basement flooring epoxy features an impermeable topcoat, so it can prevent dirt, dust, stains, and moisture from settling into the concrete. This topcoat is also slip-resistant, making cleaning a quicker, easier, and safer process.

Higher strength and longer lifespans with low maintenance requirements:

We have designed our garage and basement flooring solutions for superior performance in Ohio’s specific climate. OGI epoxy floor coatings consist of polyaspartic polyurea, so they can protect the underlying floor from dirt, dust, mold, mildew, road salt, corrosive chemicals, and more! As a result, your new flooring will offer a much longer lifespan and maintain its visually stunning finish for years after installation without the need for frequent maintenance.

More customizable than other basement flooring options:

OGI can make your basement flooring ideas a reality with our many customizable floor design options. Our DecoFlake flooring has many flake colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns, so our customers can get creative with their new flooring. Most importantly, you can install new, high-quality flooring that suits the style of your unique living space.

Free estimates and in-home inspections:

Interested in installing new basement flooring but are unsure of how much you are willing to spend? Prospective customers of OGI can schedule a free, in-home inspection! We will send a genuine OGI contractor to your home to inspect your current basement flooring and provide you with a free quote. However, if you do not have time for the in-person inspection, we also take flooring photos.

Epoxy flooring installation cost

OGI proudly offers the highest quality and value for basement flooring services across Ohio, so home and business owners can find the flooring they need at a price they can afford. Many OGI customers have had negative encounters with companies offering one-day installations prior to hiring us. One-day installations are deceptively convenient, as they cost $3 more per square foot despite the low-quality, rushed service.

As a result, these new flooring systems will form defects quickly after installation, requiring customers to spend even more on repairing defects that could have been avoided. With OGI, you can eliminate these issues with high-strength, defect-free flooring that employs quality materials and two-day installation methods. Our two-day flooring installation process ensures our epoxy materials can fully cure and form the strongest bond possible with the underlying concrete.

Our epoxy flooring installation services begin at $8.50 per square foot with a series of discounts for basement spaces that are 600 square feet or more. So, our customers can install high-quality epoxy flooring without breaking the bank. Here is an example of our discounts:

    • 600 square feet – 10% Discount on Price of flooring
    • 900 square feet – 15% Discount on Price of flooring
    • 1,200 square feet – 20% Discount on Price of flooring
    • 2,500 square feet – 25% Discount on Price of flooring

*A minimum project size of $3,000 is required.

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If you are looking for the best basement flooring options in Ohio, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today! With our experience in flooring installation, repair, replacement, and concrete restoration, we can install the perfect new flooring system for your basement. We offer all our flooring services year-round, so do not hesitate to schedule an in-home inspection for a free quote!