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Have you been looking for basement flooring ideas to give your basement the upgrade it needs? Ohio Garage Interiors is a leading provider of basement flooring services in Ohio, so we can develop personalize flooring solutions to elevate your living space. Most notably, OGI basement flooring options offer exception strength, long lifespans, and a visually stunning finish. With OGI, you can install flooring that offers both the best functionality and value on the market.

Homeowners in search of reliable and affordable basement flooring options will find exactly what they need with OGI basement flooring. Choosing OGI means you get to work with the industry’s best contractors, so you will receive friendly, effective service from proven professionals. Furthermore, OGI basement flooring will protect concrete floors from virtually any form of wear and tear. As a result, you receive flooring that will look better and last longer while avoiding the expensive repairs and maintenance associated with other types of flooring.

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5 reasons to install basement flooring with OGI

Protect your concrete slab from serious moisture damage:

Bare concrete basement floors are prone to moisture damage, so it is important to proactively protect your floor. In fact, if moisture issues are left untreated, they can often lead to complete flooring replacements to resolve. Once our high-strength polyaspartic bonds with your floor, it forms an impermeable surface that functions as a moisture barrier. So, you can prevent flooding, mold, and mildew from damaging your floor and avoid costly repairs and replacements entirely.

Another advantage of OGI is the elimination of issues such as deformation as warping, which occur often in hardwood flooring. Our high-quality polyaspartic flooring materials will ensure your flooring maintains its shape for years after installation, and you will not have to regularly check your basement’s moisture levels to prevent warping.

Slip-resistant surface makes cleaning safe and easy:

One of the most important aspects to consider when installing flooring is maintenance. Having a beautiful new floor is nice, but if you have to spend more time cleaning it than enjoying it, then is it really worth your money? OGI flooring is designed to prevent dirt, dust, water, and stains from sinking into your floor and keep spills from leaving a lasting mark. Most notably, the impermeable, slip-resistant surface makes cleaning your floor safe and easy to clean.

OGI polyaspartic materials offer exceptional strength and longevity with low maintenance requirements:

When you install a new basement floor, you want it to last as long as possible. So, here at OGI, we design our basement flooring solutions to offer superior strength and longevity. In fact, we design our flooring for optimal performance in Ohio’s specific climate.

Our flooring materials are created with polyaspartic polyurea, so it can protect the underlying concrete from dirt, dust, mold, mildew, road salt, chemicals, heavy impacts, and numerous other hazards. Thus, your new basement floor will last longer without the hassle involved with maintaining other types of flooring.

Choose from a wide variety of customization options to personalize your basement floor:

OGI gives you the chance to make your unique basement flooring ideas a reality. We encourage all of our customers to get creative when installing basement flooring and select a design that best suits their home. Our DecoFlake floor systems offer many flake colors, shapes, and sizes, and patterns, so you can customize your flooring design to satisfy your particular sense of style.

Free in-home inspections and quotes:

Do not commit to installing new flooring in your home without knowing what you are paying! Call to schedule a free, in-home inspection with OGI, and we will have one of our professional basement flooring contractors analyze your current floor and provide you with a quote. For prospective customers that do not have time for an in-person inspection, simply send us photos of your flooring.


Avoid these basement flooring ideas!

Natural Stone FlooringStone and Epoxy flooring

Stone and epoxy flooring companies advertise their solutions as incredibly strong and long-lasting with minimal maintenance and prices as low as 99 cents per square foot. However, these companies often refrain from mentioning this type of flooring’s many issues that will require you to spend more than you expect.

Stone and epoxy is vulnerable to many forms of wear and tear in contrast to claims of exceptional durability. In fact, these issues will take effect quickly and require costly maintenance and repairs. Most notably, many companies will require you to perform repairs directly through their company or risk losing your warranty. As a result, you will be stuck paying for expensive maintenance for flooring that was meant to be a budgetary solution.

DIY paint and epoxy kits

DIY kits are another option we suggest avoiding. These products are incredibly popular among homeowners, as they can be found at any home improvement or hardware stores with low pricing. However, in this case, the pricing reflects the quality of the products. In fact, DIY epoxy and paint kits will offer little to no protection for your concrete floor and cannot compare to industrial-grade epoxy installed by professionals.

The goal of DIY is to reduce material costs and cut out the middleman to save money overall. Unfortunately, low-quality DIY materials will quickly form defects and often require full replacements within a year of the original installation. So, you will have to waste money reapplying products that are inevitably going to breakdown. Avoid these unnecessary costs with the help of professional basement flooring installation services and superior epoxy materials from OGI.

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If you have been sifting through basement flooring ideas for your basement remodel, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today! With our experience in flooring installation, repair, and replacement, we can give you the perfect new flooring for your basement. OGI also provides service year-round, so go ahead and call us to schedule an inspection for a free quote!