Convert Garage To Home Salon

Inspiration To Convert Garage To Hair Salon

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US in 2020, many people have used the massive cultural changes to pivot to new careers for themselves. The benefits of being able to work from home impacted many people, especially those who have young children. If you have always wanted to start your own salon or beauty business, some of these thoughts might be going through your head. You could start a home salon business. But where would you put it? Enter the garage. That’s right. That part of the house that is kind of connected and kind of not, where the floor looks gross and the walls are full of cobwebs, could end up being a sleek and sophisticated salon. How? It’s not as impossible as you might think.

The Ugly Is Only Surface Deep: Stone Garage Floors

problems with natural stoneIs one of your turn-offs in your garage the floor? Unfortunately, many homeowners who have invested in natural stone flooring end up disappointed a short time later. If your natural stone garage floor is cracked, faded, degraded in appearance, or full of mildew, you are not alone in those experiences. A simple step of replacing the flooring with a natural stone alternative will help you begin to visualize your garage as the new center of your home salon. Before working on the floor, however, there are other things you need to consider.

Are You Allowed to Run a Home Business?

Before pulling out floors and cleaning out the garage, it is important to make sure you are permitted to run a business out of your home. Different counties and cities have different guidelines about this, so do not make assumptions. Make sure this part is certain before proceeding.

Your Salon Equipment

While you will not be able to afford the most expensive equipment at first, you also do not want customers sitting in your dining room chairs that badly need to be reupholstered. You also need to think about all of the needs a salon entails, such as a lot of electrical capacity and plumbing. Is your garage currently outfitted for those capabilities? If not, it is highly recommended to check those items off the checklist before working on interior design.

Your Home Salon Business Plan

Starting your own service business is tricky. At first, the temptation is to take on as many customers as possible because you are anxious to get your startup going and prove it can make you money. The problem is that if you are running a salon out of your home, it is just going to be you helping all customers at first, most likely. If you keep people waiting too long or if you make mistakes because you are rushing to get everyone in, your business will sink quickly. Create goals that will keep your schedule balanced but productive.

Back to that Stone Garage Floor

Maybe you do not have a natural stone floor that is making you feel ashamed of your garage. Maybe it’s just a boring concrete floor pockmarked with oil stains and cracks. Whatever the case, it is time to get new flooring as you prepare to open your new home-based salon business. In a salon, where hair can make the surface slippery and where there is moisture everywhere, the flooring you choose is one of the most important features, even though it may not get much notice under everyone’s feet. If you have not been a natures stone flooring customer in the past, perhaps you are considering that as an option for your salon. After all, you have seen nature stone garage floor cost promoted as a major advantage, and you feel it would give your salon that spa kind of feel. The fact, however, is that nature stone competitors are a much better choice for your new business.

The problem with nature stone flooring for a salon

Why do natural stone customers find themselves disappointed a short time after installation? It is all about the nature of nature stone floors. The spacing between the stones that gives the flooring its natural look is also its downfall. When moisture or other material gets in those spaces, it is extremely difficult to clean or clear it away. Over time, this creates cracks in the floor or mildew development. Cleaning out hair from this type of flooring would be a nightmare. No matter nature stone pricing you are quoted, you will end up having to pay more to maintain it as your salon floor.

Why Our Polyaspartic Epoxy Flooring is Better

Our flooring solution is ideal for a home-based salon because it is beautiful, stays beautiful, and is very easy to clean and maintain. In fact, all that is needed is soap and water. Our flooring is also able to withstand temperature changes that cause concrete floors to crack, moisture that might cause some flooring to grow mildew, and it can hold up in lots of direct sunlight where other options fade over time. Choosing our one of our marble flake blends is a great way to get the sophisticated look of a spa without the time-consuming and aggravating clean-up and maintenance.

Don’t forget the door

One thing that can be easy to forget as you excitedly set up your salon’s interior is how customers will approach your home-based business. If they see a regular garage door, they might automatically have a sinking feeling about the quality of the service they are going to get. Some customers might even feel a little leery of going inside someone’s garage for a hair styling session. Making the outside of your garage attractive for customers is just as important as making the inside attractive. As you work out your budget for your garage conversion, consider door treatment to make your business space more welcoming.

Dreams of a new home-based salon do not have to be squelched by a garage space you are currently ashamed of. If the space is right and if you have the time and budget, it is definitely achievable to create a salon in your former garage. With some planning on the front end, and with flooring from OGI, you are well on your way to a successful venture. We are looking forward to working with you!

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