Transform your Ceiling in your Garage!

Use Your Ceiling as Storage Space with OGI Overhead Storage Solutions

Garage Ceiling Transformation | Floor Epoxy

Depending on the architecture of the house, many garages feature high ceilings that are very seldom used to their full potential. We have a number of solutions to transform that unused space into a practical, aesthetically pleasing storage space with overhead storage units.

Our solid-steel overhead storage systems features the largest, most complete line of storage systems with multiple configurations to make the most of your ceiling storage potential. It’s the ideal solution for large, seasonal articles that you only access occasionally, like Christmas decorations, pool toys and tools, patio furniture, winter tires, etc. Solidly anchored to the beams in your ceiling, each storage unit can handle up to 600 lbs. A variety of accessories can also be added so you can hang bikes, ladders, kayaks, etc., and flexible netting is available to keep those overhanging or oversized articles firmly in place.

With four distinct seasons, there are an overwhelming number of articles that all need storing in our garages. Thankfully, Ohio Garage Interiors has the solution no matter what your needs.

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