Some of our clients every spring and fall enact the same ritual: the changing of the tires. There’s no way around it. And when you change your tires, you have to have tire storage for the old ones. For those of us who use the service offered by the garage, storage isn’t a problem. But those of us who store our tires at home need a solution. So what do we do with the four, eight, sometimes up to 12 tires that need to be kept out of the way till next season? Pile them up in the corner? Hide them under the back balcony? In the shed? There never seems to be a perfect place to store them and wherever they end up, it always seems that space could be better used for something else.

Get Creative with Your Tire Storage

 With its highly versatile design, our wall support system for tires accommodates a variety of tire types, with or without rims, both in depth and width, with adjustable telescoping support bars. Made entirely of strong, durable steel with a scratch-resistant, black finish, it’s anchored directly into your wall studs providing safe, convenient storage. Its heavy-duty construction has been load-tested to a capacity of 400 lbs; and even when they’re fitted on rims and fully inflated, your tires will never reach that limit.

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