The Many Uses and Advantages of Polyaspartic Coating

What Makes Polyaspartic Coating The Best Flooring Solution?

When you install new flooring, you should never settle for anything less than the highest quality products. Here at Ohio Garage Interiors, we put an emphasis on how polyaspartic coatings can improve your garage, but that is only one part of the story. 

Polyaspartic coatings are among the best flooring solutions on the market, offering superior strength, longevity, and visual appeal for a wide variety of applications. This means our flooring solutions offer exceptional performance in many different industries.

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Garage Floors

First, we need to state the obvious: polyaspartic coatings are the ideal choice for garage floors! Bare concrete floors are strong, but this strength only goes so far, especially in a garage environment.

When exposed to the elements, concrete constantly experiences fluctuations in temperature and humidity. The presence or absence of moisture can cause the concrete to expand and contract, creating various cracks throughout the surface. While these cracks are simply cosmetic defects, no one wants to see cracks in their flooring.

Garage floors are also subjected to regular pressure from vehicle traffic, foot traffic, road salts, heavy impacts, corrosive chemicals, and many other forms of wear and tear. It is no wonder that the concrete begins to break down without protection.

Polyaspartic coatings allow you to prevent damage to your flooring. As one of the strongest flooring materials on the market, it defends the underlying concrete from virtually any incoming damage. It can even fill in existing cracks during installation, restoring and upgrading in one swift motion.

Now that we have “covered” garage flooring, we can move on to lesser-known applications.

Commercial Kitchens

If you have ever worked in a commercial kitchen, you know how chaotic they can be. With people constantly bobbing and weaving trying to cook and deliver orders, accidents are bound to happen. It would be difficult to find a kitchen that does not experience a spill or two on a daily basis.

Dropping trays, plates, pots, pans, or vats full or hot liquid is a common occurrence in any commercial kitchen, so the flooring needs to be able to handle this and then some. Unsealed concrete will chip from impacts and soak up anything that is spilled, so it really is not an option. Not only can this create safety hazards for employees, but eventually, the spills will make the kitchen less and less sanitary.

Polyaspartic flooring completely seals the underlying concrete, preventing spills from soaking into the floor and defending against wear and tear. OGI flooring also has anti-slip material built in! This means your kitchen is easier to keep clean and hygienic while protecting employees from potential slip-and-fall.

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Medical Facilities

Safety and hygiene are even more important for hospitals and other medical facilities. Although flooring is probably the last thing you are thinking of when visiting the hospital, it plays a critical part in protecting patients and medical professionals

The flooring in medical facilities will encounter high levels of foot traffic from doctors, nurses, patients, and many others as well as puncturing in the event of dropping medical tools. So, the impenetrable surface of a polyaspartic coating is the ideal option for these environments.

Polyaspartic coatings are also antimicrobial with resistance to the corrosive chemicals in cleaning solutions. Medical facilities need to ensure sanitation at all times, so having an easy-to-clean floor that discourages bacteria formation is ideal. If the flooring is more likely to harbor bacteria, that could increase the chances for patients to contract infections and worsen their condition.

Polyaspartic coatings ensure that medical facilities are safer for everyone from doctors to patients to the janitorial staff.

School And University Buildings 

polyaspartic flooring schoolsPolyaspartic flooring is a go-to choice for many schools and universities across the United States. These floors are incredibly easy to install, maintain, and customize, allowing them to adapt to any school’s needs. Their natural strength is perfect for resisting the near-constant foot traffic from students and faculty. 

Dense classrooms are also prone to spreading germs among students and staff, so having an antimicrobial floor helps in slowing the spread of various illnesses. Polyaspartic floors are particularly useful for students and faculty that regularly work in chemistry, biology, and medical laboratories. Clean floors not only prevent the spread of disease but also the potential contamination of samples for more advanced scientific experiments.

Another advantage of polyaspartic coatings in schools is customizability. School spirit is a crucial aspect of the student experience at every level of education, and even subtle flooring design can improve morale. Brighter flooring in certain areas can encourage social interaction while duller colors can help students focus on the tasks in front of them. You can even put a school logo onto the floor, reinforcing the importance of your alma mater.

Grocery And Retail Stores

You may not have noticed, but it is more than likely that your preferred grocery store has a polyaspartic epoxy floor and for good reason. Grocery and retail stores benefit from many of the same advantages polyaspartic coatings offer to other applications. Cleanability, sustainability, strength, and design are all crucial for flooring in a store environment.

If you have ever worked in retail or at a grocery store, you probably dread hearing “Clean up on aisle 4!” over the intercom. Spills happen regularly in these stores, so having a floor that is safe and easy to clean can be a big help to employees and customers. Non-slip polyaspartic coatings make cleaning a quick process while protecting people from potential injury. 

Keeping the store clean is especially important for stores selling food products. If someone drops an apple on a floor they see as dirty and unsanitary, they are unlikely to put it back in their cart. With a shiny polyaspartic floor, however, customers will be convinced that your store is a clean and comfortable place to shop.

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