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Is it time to give your garage a much needed makeover? If you’re looking to invest in a new garage floor, you don’t want to settle for a flooring solution that doesn’t last. Many garage flooring companies will boast that they can get the job “done in a day,” but leave you with a product that isn’t well made or requires constant maintenance. Our epoxy garage floor installers promise a careful and quality job every time.

Here at Ohio Garage Interiors, we use only the best materials and processes in the industry to give you a floor that’s durable, looks great, and lasts. Our epoxy garage flooring solutions are known for their strong resistance to wear and tear, and minimal maintenance. When you invest in epoxy garage flooring, you will have a solution that lasts for years to come.

So how exactly do our epoxy garage floor installers give you the floor of your dreams?

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Our Epoxy Floor Installation Process

First, our epoxy garage floor installers will ask you to clean out your garage and clear out all belongings. In order to do a thorough job, we will need access to all of the floor space in your garage. If you need assistance clearing the space out, our team is happy to help. Working on a clean floor allows our epoxy materials to evenly coat the floor and bond to the concrete.

Next, we will grind the floor with a mechanical grinding machine. This machine is designed with diamond tooling, which opens up the pores in the concrete. This allows our basecoat to soak into the concrete and develop a strong bond. Our epoxy garage floor installers will ensure that the floor is completely smooth before we apply the basecoat.

The next step is to apply a base coat, which requires us to flood the floor with a high-grade epoxy. Then, we back roll it to make the basecoat level. Once we have a level basecoat, we can spread the vinyl flakes throughout the floor so you can enjoy a granite-textured aesthetic of your choice. Once this is spread, we let the basecoat sit overnight to allow it to bond with the substrate. Allowing an extra day for these bonds to form is a crucial part of our process, and it’s part of what makes our epoxy garage floor installers the best in the business. 

The final touch is our epoxy topcoat, which is one of the strongest coating materials on the market. This topcoat is resistant to chemicals, impact, and wear and tear from weather changes. This topcoat will ensure your floor stays glossy and it will protect the concrete beneath.

Let Our Epoxy Garage Floor Installers Transform Your Garage

Here at Ohio Garage Interiors, we offer the best in epoxy flooring installation. We use the most durable polyaspartic epoxy flooring which does not allow dirt, dust, water, or stains to penetrate. This also means you won’t have to worry about issues like mold, mildew, flooding, humidity, or thaw cycles.

You can trust our epoxy garage floor installers to get the job done right every time. Our two-day process ensures that the materials have enough time to settle and form a bond that will last for years. If you’re investing in a new garage floor, you need to make it worthwhile. Choose the best materials and team in the business for premier epoxy garage floor installation.

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About Ohio Garage Interiors

Ohio Garage Interiors is a family owned and operated garage flooring company. We are proud to serve neighborhoods across Ohio with premier garage flooring renovations. Our epoxy garage floor installers are a dedicated team who are here to give you the garage of your dreams.

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