When Spring Cleaning Meets Your Garage

No matter what the unpredictable Ohio weather says, it’s finally spring. And as the seasons change and you get to spring cleaning, you shouldn’t forget the garage!

Read on to learn how to tidy up your garage this spring. If you get to the end of the cleaning process and find that your garage is in need of some updates such as new flooring or storage cabinets, Ohio Garage Interiors can help!

Spring Garage Cleaning Checklist

1. Find a Home for Tools and Supplies

Organized tools on the wall of a garage.

The first step in spring cleaning is picking up the clutter. Snow shovels, salt buckets, and other winter items need a summer home. It’s also a good time to try new organizational systems for tools and DIY material.

Clean off your workbench and make sure there’s a clear spot for nuts, bolts, and other odds and ends. Make sure there’s safe shelving for flammable liquids, pesticides, and other dangerous chemicals, too.

2. Reuse and Refuse

Man holding a box cleaning out his garage.

There’s likely a lot more taking up space than just home and car supplies. You may also have items from a home business, furniture that doesn’t fit elsewhere, or just plain junk.

If an item hasn’t been used in longer than a year, it’s probably time to say goodbye. You can give the item away, donate it to a secondhand store, or save it for a summer yard sale. But try not to make the mistake of keeping everything to sell another day. You’ll just end up with a garage full of stuff all over again!

3. Clean Up Salt and Grime

Young boy sweeping the garage floor.

Garages accumulate all kinds of dust and debris, especially over the long winter. There may be puddles of salt that have dripped off of cars and shovels, cobwebs and dust from insects trying to warm up, and leaves and twigs from autumn storms.

Scrubbing through all of that means getting your hands dirty. You should use heavy-duty cleaners that can really cut through grime – but don’t forget to wear gloves and open windows.

4. Wash Your Car

Man with sponge washing the hood of a red car.

Now that your space is clean, why would you park a dirty car there? Whether the car inside is a daily driver or a weekend project, it’s a good time to take it out and give it a wash.

While you wash, you can keep an eye out for cosmetic damage you need to take care of. And you won’t have to worry about a car dirtying your newly clean and uncluttered space.

5. Inspect Your Door

Pressure washing garage door

Spring is also a great time to make sure your garage door is working properly. Check the door for any dents, cracks, or obvious structural weaknesses.

Give the inside of the door a good washing and check for any signs that the door opening mechanism isn’t working as it should. If you catch a problem soon, it’ll be easier and cheaper to fix.

6. Clean Your Floors

Sweeping garage floor

Once you’ve got the stuff cleaned out and put away, it’s time to take a look at your garage floors. Are they stained, cracked, or uneven? That’s a sign it might be time for a change.

Polyaspartic floors are easy to clean, resist staining and corrosion, and can help keep your garage drier and warmer in the winter. As a bonus, the installation process only takes two to three days and can be done during almost any weather condition.

Transform Your Garage for Summer

If you’ve reached the end of this spring cleaning process and feel like your garage needs some updates, the garage floor is a great place to start. Updating from the ground up ensures that every inch of your space feels clean and ready for organization.

Ohio Garage Interiors can help you choose and install a high-end polyaspartic floor with an industry-leading 20-year warranty. From Sandusky to Lancaster, we’re your trusted Ohio garage solution! Contact us today to learn more.