Akron Showroom

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Experience the value of OGI products and services firsthand at our Akron showroom. Those interested in remodeling their garage will benefit from seeing the work of expert garage designers up close. This showroom is a REAL Akron garage! We have installed our hybrid polymer garage flooring epoxy, garage cabinetry, and organization systems. Therefore, visiting the showroom provides you with a complete understanding of all OGI products and services. You also get a chance to decide which options are best for your personal garage remodeling project. Contact us today to make an appointment to see our Medina Showroom.

Garage Cabinetry and Organization

Our showroom in Akron showcases our organization systems and garage cabinetry. This garage’s cabinet system features the following:

  • 6-foot workbench
  • Drawers for tools
  • TV built into cabinet 
  • Under-cabinet lighting
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Trash Cabinet
  • Dog Bath
  • Large Cabinet for Kitchen Items/Pantry
  • Drop Zone going into the house for dropping off keys and other belongings
  • Boot Bench to sit hang up coats, bags, leashes, etc.
  • Cabinet for storing shoes
  • Refrigerator built into cabinet
  • Oversized large cabinets for general storage yard/garage items

Another crucial aspect of this showroom is our Omni-track wall storage system. This is an all-steel wall storage system that can store anything from gardening tools to bikes. Furthermore, you can maximize your garage space. You can create storage areas for all your belongings, so you never have to worry about clutter again. In addition, we also showcase our wall-mounted vacuum system, an effective and convenient tool for cleaning out your vehicles.

Connect With Our Epoxy Floor Contractors

As one of the top garage floor contractors, we have the expertise to make mica epoxy floor installation easy and affordable. Schedule your free on-site consultation today.

Garage Flooring Epoxy | Akron Showroom

The most noteworthy part of our showroom is our garage flooring epoxy. We design our garage flooring epoxy to withstand the harshest conditions an Ohio garage can muster. Furthermore, our products provide customers with unmatched strength, longevity, and visual flair while maintaining affordability. The following displays some advantages of choosing Ohio Garage Interiors:
Advantages of Choosing OGI

  • Easy Cleaning: We design our hybrid polymer garage epoxy flooring to protect against moisture buildup and slipping with a textured, non-porous surface. Dirt cannot penetrate the surface of the floor, so cleaning has never been easier. Just a simple vacuuming and mopping will do the trick.
  • Protecting Against Ohio Weather: Ohio garage floors are pummeled by the inclement weather all year round. The summers are hot and humid, and the winters bring corrosive road salt into the garage. Standard epoxy just can’t handle it. However, OGI flooring protects against peeling, erosion, road salt, hot tire pickup, and other forms of wear and tear. Also, our flooring offers lifespans of up to 15 years, ensuring you get the most for your money.
  • Honest Pricing: In addition to product and service quality, we want to ensure our customers know what they are paying from the beginning. We place tremendous value on honesty in our customer service. We will send one of our team members to give you a quote at no charge before we begin your project

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