The Top Problems With Natural Stone Flooring

Problems With Natural Stone

When determining how you want your garage floor to be renovated or replaced, there are many different options to choose from. Many people choose concrete with the idea that it should be fairly sturdy and long-lasting. Some select an epoxy treatment. Others choose flooring made to look like natural stone. These natural stone flooring coatings have individual stones mixed with epoxy. The final product is a textured and porous stone-like floor called pebble stone flooring/pebble stone epoxy. When first installed, this kind of floor treatment looks amazing, and it certainly can make the entire garage look like it has had a facelift. Unfortunately, this look that creates pride and excitement does not last long. A quick combing of the online world reveals many different negative reviews, and they tend to follow specific patterns.


Natural stone flooring complaints about cost are extremely common. Initial quotes seem reasonable, but by the end of the project, customers find they have to pay substantially more than what they were initially told. Many people complain about false advertising or broken promises where pricing is concerned.

Appearance Problems Over Time

problems with natural stoneOther common complaints you can find in a simple online search are about the very quick time it takes for natural stone flooring to look run down. The new floor can fade in areas that are in the sun all day, and people also tend to mention cracking, pitting, mildew, and more.

The mildew and other appearance issues, except for the sun, can be explained by looking at the composition of natural stone flooring. As mentioned above, it is a mixture of stones and pebbles with epoxy. As the flooring is exposed to the elements along with continued changes from hot to cold temperatures, the stones begin to move their positions and become loose.

Mildew develops because it is easy for moisture, food, or that morning cup of spilled coffee to infiltrate the spaces between the stones. It is difficult to clean in between those nooks and crannies, so mildew and mold develop. The combination of paying more than expected and having a beautiful floor for less time than expected is not one natural stone customers enjoy.

Of course, reviews of natural stone flooring do not have to be the deciding factor for you. However, the sites that some of these natural stone reviews appear on, such as the Better Business Bureau, and the consistent natural of the negative comments, can lead one to believe there is some authenticity in them.

The OGI Garage Flooring Difference

Finished polyaspartic epoxy flooring | Natural stone flooring alternativeFortunately, Ohio Garage Interiors offers a long-lasting natural stone alternative with our unique polyaspartic epoxy floor coating. We guarantee our floors for twenty years and we stand by that promise. We also do not have any fine print in our quotes or contracts. We work hard to incorporate prep work and all other potential expenses into our first quote for you, and we are transparent about anything we feel might be obstacles in the way of the project’s completion.

Do research before engaging in any kind of home improvement project, but we especially recommend looking carefully at what other people are saying about their natural stone garage floors. There are better options readily available.