Prior To Winter You Need Polyaspartic Garage Floor Installers Near Me

Don’t let another winter arrive without finally protecting your garage floor. Whether your concrete garage floor is old or brand new, garage floor resurfacing from Ohio Garage Interiors can protect your existing floor and give you a beautiful and supremely durable new surface before another Ohio winter wreaks its havoc. Instead of searching for “nature stone,” look instead for “polyaspartic garage floor installers near me.”

Polyaspartic Garage Floor Installers Near Me: Problems with Nature Stone

Winter is tough on concrete, even concrete that you think is protected by epoxy. Epoxy isn’t as effective a moisture barrier as many people think. Road salt from your tires, melting snow, and temperatures that can freeze concrete are just some of the abuses we inflict on our garage floors every winter.

polyaspartic garage floor installers near me

As you look for garage flooring options, you might be tempted by the looks and low advertised price of Nature Stone and similar products. In fact, however, there are problems with Nature Stone and similar epoxied pebble flooring products. This is especially true when it comes to handling Ohio’s extreme weather and when it comes to a space like your garage that is subject to freezing temperatures, leaking automobile fluids, and all around rough use.

How Winter Causes Problems with Nature Stone

First, let’s discuss what Ohio winters do to pebbled epoxy floors. During the “freeze” part of our freeze-thaw cycles, moisture in the floor expands and puts pressure on the individual stones. Then, as the weather gets warmer, the water contracts, and the stones often become loose. Loose stones are prone to coming out entirely, leaving more exposed floor space to become damaged by water. Also, let’s not forget that missing stones detract from the beauty of the floor, and year after year, take time and money to repair. Furthermore, because epoxy is not invulnerable to cracking, our weather extremes often create fissures in the epoxy layer of a Nature Stone floor. Like missing stones, these also detract from the beauty of the floor and can lead to more damage.

Slip-resistance is another factor to consider when deciding what kind of flooring to install in your Ohio garage. While the pebbled surface of Nature Stone floors offers more slip resistance than flat epoxy, by its nature, epoxy is a slicker surface than polyaspartic flooring from Ohio Garage Interiors.

Mold and mildew are another factor to consider when installing nature stone in Ohio, where garage floors can remain damp for days or even weeks. Mold and mildew can develop because it is easy for water to infiltrate and settle in the spaces between the stones. Because it is difficult to clean and dry each of those nooks and crannies, mildew and mold have a friendly space in which to grow. In contrast, polyaspartic flooring is an even surface that dries quickly and resists moisture retention.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to look for polyaspartic garage floor installers near me and choose an Ohio Garage Interiors polyaspartic floor is the protection it affords. Every winter, your garage floor experiences another freeze cycle and the potential for more water damage–both to the concrete itself and to your foundation. Ohio Garage Interiors can install a highly durable polyaspartic garage floor as long as temperatures are above freezing, or, if your garage is heated.

The Benefits of Polyaspartic Garage Floors

Here’s something Nature Stone won’t offer: a two-decade warranty. We guarantee our floors for 20 years and we stand by that promise with a written warranty.

polyaspartic garage floor installers near me

How can we do this? While epoxy garage flooring is a tried-and-true method, its strength and durability are surpassed by our polyaspartic polyurea coating–the gold standard in garage floor coverings. Polyaspartic floors have a hard and durable finish that doesn’t chip or scratch and can handle tough treatment. In addition, unlike epoxy, polyaspartic floors do not fade or yellow due to UV exposure.

If you are looking for a floor that can stand up to everything from impacts to leaky car fluids and even brutal Ohio winters, choose the one that is designed to last for wear and tear.