Storewall Panels

Our designers at Ohio Garage Interiors love Storewall Panels to keep garages organized!  Similar to Omni Track, Storewall garage systems are versatile and expandable.  With the help of these wall-mounted systems, increase and enhance your space.  Storewall panels are made with superior materials.  As a result, these systems are durable and last for years to come!     

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What is a Storewall Panel?

Storewall systems transform entire walls into a storage machine.  Additionally, use these garage panels above workbenches or even inside cabinets! 

Choose from a variety of color choices and a wide selection of accessories. Garage organization accessories include baskets, hooks, bins, shelves, and specialty products!  The selection may seem overwhelming at first, but each style has its own benefits and possibilities.  For example, power tools, extension cords, and hoses can hang from hooks. Next, screwdrivers and other small gadgets conveniently attach to magnetic tool bar strips for easy access. Then, screws, bolts, and other hardware are easily available with baskets, bins, or shelving. The possibilities are endless, but OGI finds the ideal combination to make your garage work for you and your hobbies.

OGI searches for top name brands that deliver the best results in the industry. As a result, we’ve found brands such as Sikafloor, Omni Track, and of course, Storewall.  Our professional design and installation services paired with industry-leading brands give our clients the best results.  Trust in OGI to create your dream garage!

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