Make more use of unused space with overhead garage storage.  Overhead storage systems get things off of the floor and out of sight.  Additionally, avoid the possibility of water damage with SafeRack overhead storage!

Most often, this type of storage is ideal for less commonly used items.  Such items include holiday decorations, patio furniture cushions, and more! Take advantage of this valuable space.  

Key Components to Garage Storage


Make the most out of garage space. There are four key elements to efficient garage storage systems. These components include:



The ideal storage solution for tools, seasonal storage, sporting equipment, and bicycles is waiting. Discover it today!

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Overhead Garage Storage Systems

Overhead space is often underutilized, so we offer a full spectrum of shelving and overhead storage solutions. Discreetly hide these racks above overhead garage doors! Additionally, OGI wall mounted shelving accommodates access to more commonly-used items.

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Safe Rack Overhead Garage Storage | Key Features

OGI wants the very best for our clients. Therefore, we work with the highest quality of products. Safe Rack provides secure, high-quality, innovative storage.

OGI takes in all considerations for a safe installation of overhead racks. The OGI team takes the time to get to know the spacing between garage ceiling joists. From there, OGI ensures secure hanging. Sturdy and durable, these systems are designed for heavy items and built with industrial strength.

Overhead storage systems are available in many sizes and capacities. Safe Rack comes in dimensions up to 4 feet x 8 feet!

Why Choose Ohio Garage Interiors? | Overhead Garage Storage

Garages receive high levels of traffic from both people and vehicles, so maintaining organization and minimizing clutter is crucial for freedom of movement. If your garage as insufficient storage space, clutter will inevitably build up over time. As a result, something as simple as walking to your car will become a chore. With OGI organization solutions, however, you can regain control of your garage and find a place for every one of your belongings.

As a leader in garage remodeling, we work to offer comprehensive storage solutions for all our customers. In addition to overhead garage storage, we offer storewall panels, garage cabinetry, silver track wall systems and more! We can also install high-quality garage flooring polyaspartic epoxy for a more complete garage remodeling experience.

OGI Garage Organization Solutions

We offer a wide selection of garage storage solutions in addition to our overhead garage storage rack:

Garage Cabinets

grey storage cabinets for the garageGarage cabinetry is a simple yet effective garage storage solution. Installing garage cabinets is one of the best methods for maximizing your garage storage space. Furthermore, with OGI, you receive cabinetry with both style and functionality, increasing your storage space and elevating your garage’s aesthetic.

We also offer the benefits and advantages of precise, in-house manufacturing. Manufacturing our cabinets in-house gives us complete control over dimensional characteristics. As a result, we can develop storage space for specific items like sporting equipment, ladders, gardening supplies, power tools and much more!

OGI Cabinetry Features

  • Adjustable 1″ Thick Shelves
  • Thermally-fused Laminate
  • Fully-integrated Back
  • Clean, White Interior
  • Durable Hardware
  • European-style hinges
  • Optional 2mm thick edge band
  • Wall-Mounted

Custom Garage Cabinets | Options & Add-ons

In addition to superior construction and style, we offer our customers the ability to customize their cabinets. Everyone has different hobbies, interests and storage needs, so we work closely with each of our clients to identify their needs. We then personalize their garage cabinetry to best suit their storage requirements. For example, we can create cabinetry specifically for golf clubs and equipment for avid golfers. We can also install add-ons like built-in televisions and trash receptacles.

Take a look at some of our garage cabinet add-on options:

  • Sinks
  • Custom Designs for Sporting Equipment
  • Hideaway Hose
  • Bar Area
  • Trophy Showcase
  • Ski-Storage
  • Televisions
  • Trash Bins
  • And More!

Storewall Panel System

Our storewall panels are ideal for storing a diverse array of different belongings. This system can store many items of different types and varying sizes. They can also be conveniently placed above workbenches or inside cabinets. These panels are adjustable at any time, so you can reconfigure them to better suit your storage needs.

Silver Track Wall System

Our silver track wall system is another system designed for diversifying your storage space. This is an all-steel track system, which attaches directly to your garage walls. You can then mount various different hooks to these tracks, so you can hang a variety of belongings. Also, these hooks don’t require additional drilling. You can reorganize your track system at any time without drilling extra holes in your garage walls.

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Ohio Garage Interiors | A History of Success

With over 25 years of experience, OGI has done over than 3,000 installations. Our team proudly serves both homes and businesses across Northeast, Ohio! For complete confidence in our work, OGI only works with products from the most reputable brands in the country. Therefore, our customers always receive the highest quality of products. Additionally, our team of professionals is continuously learning the most innovative advancements in equipment and installation techniques!

When working with OGI, every client interaction is a good one! Be confident in a quality experience and beautiful finished product to enjoy for years to come with Ohio Garage Interiors. Set up a consultation today!

Flooring Installation for Garages, Basements and Commercial Locations

Ohio Garage Interiors also offers flooring installation services for residential garages and basements. Additionally, we can perform commercial flooring installation with high-performance epoxy. Our residential epoxy protects garage and basement flooring from hazards such as mold, mildew, flooding and road salt corrosion. We design our flooring epoxy to handle even the harshest industrial conditions, so your garage and basement receive the best possible protection.

For our commercial customers, we partner with Sikafloor® laminates to offer the highest strength flooring on the market. Sika laminates are designed to withstand commercial facility conditions such as foot traffic and industrial machinery traffic. These laminates can also protect your flooring from heavy impacts and abrasions as well as corrosive chemicals. With OGI and Sika, you receive strong, functional flooring for your commercial facility.

If you are looking for storage solutions or flooring install services, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today!

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