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Get the most out of your garage storage with an Omni Track Wall System!  When looking to create useable space, it’s critical to incorporate wall storage systems.  Whether it’s a single-car or two-car garage, free space tends to be an issue. Especially, if both vehicles tend to be parked inside.  Ohio Garage Interiors knows how to create a lot of space from a little! These expandable and versatile systems allow our professionals to fully utilize space, devising the best possible garage for our customers.

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What is Omni Track? 

Omni Track is what we call a “hook and rail system.”  Meaning, we mount this metal “rail” against the wall.  Then, we can simply “hook” useful organizational tools into the slats.  Our customers can choose from a large assortment of hooks, brackets, and bins to clear clutter and hang belongings. The possibilities are truly endless.  For instance, a basket can hold bicycle helmets and right next to it, you could have a bike mount.  That’s just one example. Organize anything from gardening tools and hardware to sports equipment and automotive supplies!  In addition to mounting on open walls, Omni Track Wall Systems can also be hung above workbenches or within cabinets!  Optimize space and stay organized with OGI.  

Omni Track Wall System

OGI Garage Organization Solutions | Omni Track Wall System

We offer a diverse selection of garage storage options in addition to our Omni Track Wall System:

Garage Cabinets

Our garage cabinetry is one of our most effective garage organization solutions because it increases the amount of storage space in your garage significantly. OGI cabinetry is both stylish and functional all while fully utilizing your garage space.

We also offer the advantage of in-house manufacturing. This allows us to fully customize the dimensions of your new cabinetry as well as providing the finest craftsmanship possible. With our control over our cabinetry’s dimensional properties, we can create unique configurations for virtually any garage. Additionally, we can design our cabinets to store specific items such as ladders, gardening supplies and sporting equipment.

OGI Cabinetry Features

  • Adjustable 1″ Thick Shelves
  • Thermally-fused Laminate
  • Fully-integrated Back
  • Clean, White Interior
  • Durable Hardware
  • European-style hinges
  • Optional 2mm thick edge band
  • Wall-Mounted

Custom Garage Cabinets | Options & Add-ons

OGI also offers customization capabilities for garage cabinetry. We understand that each of our customers has different interests and storage needs, so we work closely with each client to identify their storage needs. For example, we can custom design cabinetry to store golf clubs and equipment in an easy-to-access formation. We can also install various other add-ons such as televisions, bar areas, sinks and more!

The following highlights a few of our custom cabinetry add-ons:

  • Sinks
  • Custom Designs for Sporting Equipment
  • Hideaway Hose
  • Bar Area
  • Trophy Showcase
  • Ski-Storage
  • Televisions
  • Trash Bins
  • And More!

Storewall Panel System

Our storewall panel systems give you the ability to diversify your storage options in your garage. These panels are incredibly convenient inside your cabinetry or above your workbench, providing quick access to your belongings including tools, sporting equipment, gardening supplies, ladders and more! Furthermore, you can reconfigure these panels at any time to better suit your storage needs.

If you are looking to install a new garage organization system, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today!

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Residential and Commercial Flooring Services

In addition to garage organization solutions, Ohio Garage Interiors offers precision floor installation services for both residential and commercial locations. Our high-performance polyaspartic epoxy is perfect for residential garages and basements. It protects against potential hazards such as mold, mildew, flooding, road salt, treadmarks and many other forms of wear and tear. 

OGI partners with Sikafloor® for commercial flooring applications. Sika laminates offer the strength necessary for withstanding intense, high-traffic commercial facility conditions. These solid color coating systems can resist extreme pressures and protect against potential forms of damage such as industrial equipment traffic, corrosive chemicals, and intense impacts and abrasions. OGI and Sika offer superior strength and value for commercial flooring.

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