Not getting the level of organization you need with current garage organization systems?  Ohio Garage Interiors is here to help. Utilize your space more effectively and maximize garage storage by getting organized with OGI!

An efficient garage storage system always makes a significant difference for overall convenience. With OGI, homeowners receive convenient access to bicycles and garden supplies for the warmer months while also getting superior protection for the winter months.

Ohio Garage Interiors incorporates four main garage storage solutions.  Our team of professionals takes into consideration what is most important to our customers.  Thus, we can develop a storage system that will best benefit you and your hobbies!  Read the following for more information on our garage storage systems:

Key Components to Garage Storage

OGI offers high-quality custom cabinet options, Omni Track storage, Storewall systems, biking storage options, and Safe Rack overhead storage.  Managing your tools, sporting equipment, bicycles, and gardening supplies has never been easier!

Garage Cabinets

Transform your garage with OGI’s signature cabinets. Cabinets elevate your space in two essential ways.

First, by enhancing aesthetics. Often, the garage is a guest’s first impression. Make it a good one! Choose from countless laminates, worktops, and color combinations. With OGI, find the combination that best compliments your home and existing decor. Then, rely on our team for a flawless, professional installation.

Second, cabinetry boosts functionality. OGI offers many customizable add-ons. Whether it’s storing large or small items, we have the ideal shelving and drawer systems. From lockers and trash receptacles to sinks and lighting, OGI creates a space where you can keep organized and focus on the hobbies you love.



Omni Track Garage Storage Systems

Omni Track Systems are versatile and highly customizable. With an array of hooks, brackets, and bins, there are endless choices. This hook and rail system can be used to efficiently store tools, bikes, ladders, and more! Omni Track systems make use of empty wall space, taking full advantage of the many storage possibilities!



Storewall Systems

Enhance storage with our Storewall Wall System. Whether it’s spare wall space, above workbenches or within cabinets, create efficient organization options. Similar to Omni Track, these systems have many hook, holder, and shelf options. Storewall systems are versatile, expandable, and allow convenient access to stored materials.



Overhead Garage Storage Systems

Overhead garage space is often underutilized, so Ohio Garage Interiors offers a full spectrum of shelving and overhead storage solutions. Our overhead storage racks are ideal for seasonal items such as patio furniture or holiday decorations. Safe Rack overhead storage systems also reach up to 4-feet by 8-feet in size. Furthermore, you can discreetly conceal these racks above the overhead garage doors! In addition, we offer wall mounted shelving for convenient access to commonly-used items. Find the configuration that best fits the needs of your garage environment.





Get Started with Ohio Garage Interiors

Ready to transform your garage with polyaspartic flooring? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation or request a color sample.


Garage, Basement and Commercial Flooring

Ohio Garage Interiors also offers garage, basement, and commercial flooring solutions. We design our flooring polyaspartic epoxy to provide unmatched protection for garages and basements. Whether it’s mold, mildew, flooding, road salt, and any other types of wear and tear, our polyaspartic epoxy flooring offers the ultimate defense. Furthermore, our polyaspartic epoxy offers enough strength to handle high-traffic industrial facilities, so protecting your garage and basement is a breeze.

For our commercial customers, we have partnered with Sikafloor® to offer the highest possible strength and optimal functionality. Sika laminates are specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications, so they can provide the protection your flooring needs. This is a solid color laminate system with the durability to resist the many potential hazards in commercial and industrial conditions. Ohio Garage Interiors and Sika laminates offer both elegant style and unrivaled strength.

Contact Ohio Garage Interiors today for effective and affordable garage storage systems as well as precision garage, basement, and commercial flooring installation!


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